Architecture Awards 2020

BUILD 2020 Architecture Awards 34 Aug20102 In the world today, technology has become such an integral part of daily life that many of us would struggle to get by without it. Phones, tablets, laptops, computers, and so much more all play such a vital role in the continuation of life as we know it. The rise of technology has become so ingrained in normal life that many of us use technology in the home to simplify life. One British firm has built a reputation for resounding success in delivering smart home technologies that are designed to make life that much easier and that much better for those living there. Join us as we examine the award-winning work of Wakefields Smarter Home Technology. ith the introduction of the Internet, there came a wave of technologies that have been designed and redesigned to make everyday life easier than it has ever been before. The last few years in particular, have seen multiple forms of technology that have been specifically designed to make home life easier. The Amazon Alexa, the Google Dot, and many other types of technology have become connected to the Internet and the home, drawing them together in a fusion of modern technological living that is almost akin to a science-fiction novel. However, it would be hard to deny their usefulness. Being able to speak to technology and have it perform tasks for you is incredibly useful when it comes to being on the go in the home and having to handle multiple tasks at any given time. Integrating this technology seamlessly, however, can be a difficult task without experts on hand to help. That is where Wakefields Smarter Home Technology comes in. Established in 1999 at the turn of the century, the firm operates on the principle that it should only offer technologies to people that are long-lasting, easy to use, reliable, and fun. The core value that underpins everything that Wakefields does is a dedication to the customer; they should always be at the heart of everything the firm does. Putting the customer first is often a staple of business, but few achieve it to the levels of excellence that Wakefields has managed to achieve. This focus and dedication to customer service and making sure that the customer has the technology they need is perhaps best exemplified in the recent projects that the firm has undertaken. One of the key areas that Wakefields loves to work in is the installation of smart home technology in new build properties where cabling often does not present itself as an issue. However, the firm also takes enormous amounts of pride when it comes to successfully installing smart home technology into finished homes in a retrofit environment, where it specialises in W Best Smart Home Technology Specialists 2020 – UK & Best Home Cinema Installers 2020 - UK making sure that any potential damage is kept to a minimum, or making sure that there is no damage whatsoever. A perfect example of this can be seen when Wakefields recently installed an impressive home cinema into a beautiful and fully-furnished room that was fully wallpapered prior to the firm going in. Armed with the techniques and knowledge to make it work, Wakefields installed a wall-mounted TV and speakers, and left the room without a single hole or mark that needed patching up thanks to its careful and concise efforts to be sympathetic to the décor. Wakefields approaches a project in a way that always puts the customer first, as per its dedication and commitment to ensuring that they have the smart home technology that they want. In putting the customer first, the firm endeavours to always try and understand the people or the families that will be using the products. That way, Wakefields is able to make sure that the experience they will get matches how comfortable they are with technology, and how much performance they hope to gain compared to what their budget is. There is no point in installing the latest and most high-performance technology at an astronomical fee if the client only wants a basic speaker system for their music. Wakefields understands that families and homeowners have a budget to stick to, but that does not stop the firm from trying its best to extract every single bit of fun possible for whatever the budget will allow. Technology, and particularly smart technology for the home, has become an increasingly competitive market in the last years. Where Wakefields stands apart from its competitors is in its relationship with the customer, before, during, and after the installation process. The firm is very close to its customers, and even goes as far as offering a lifetime of support for the systems it installs. Many members of the team at Wakefields have been with the company for more than fifteen years, and each one contributes to the wealth of experience that the firm has. Not