Architecture Awards 2020

2020 Architecture Awards BUILD 33 which results in the tides on earth. When one rises, the other goes down. When viewed from different a perspective, a Lomy lamp provides an interpretation of natural gravitation in nature. Based on the Fibonacci sequence, the geometric bamboo construction of the lamp is made by artisans in East Java, and is then blended with pioneering sustainable technology, the best quality LEDs, and robust wireless control. The bamboo element is made by hand, ensuring that no two Lomy lamps are ever the same and in keeping with the perfect imperfection ethos of Etherin. Lomy lamps are assembled in Italy, where the bamboo form and sustainable lighting technology are brought together to result in an object of worldly blended beauty. To achieve lasting light efficiency for Lomy, Etherin also designed a pioneering circular Printed Circuit Board (PCB). The best quality LEDs from Osram and Lumileds have been selected, and a bespoke electric cable integrated with a stainless steel wire has been created. A robust wireless, cost effective and future proof wireless lighting solution from Casambi Technology has been integrated into every Lomy lamp. Casambi technology is a key part of the design with its convenience, user-friendly system and application. Lomy lamps are available in three sizes; medium, large and trio. All have a common ethereal form that has two opposite bamboo caps which direct light upwards and downwards. The upward cap which points to the ceiling creates diffused ambient light, whilst concentrated zonal light is achieved with the downwards facing cup. Lomy lamps include 1.3 metres of cable allowing the user to regulate the length and orientation for any space. Integrating sustainable and yet innovative technology into all Lomy lamps, Etherin has made sure that the medium variant of the lamp is available in two lighting technology versions; dimmable via Bluetooth, and non-dimmable. The dimmable option comes integrated with Bluetooth technology that can be connected to the Casambi application for complete user control. Etherin is currently looking to partner with retailers and wholesalers to get Lomy lamps into as many spaces as it can. With Roberto at the helm, the brand is in an exciting place with its first new product, and believes that its aesthetics and credentials will resonate with people who have a similar philosophy. Ultimately, Etherin is a brand that stands for something more. It is a brand that brings together artisans, traditional skills and sustainable technology to create products that are as fantastic as they are functional, and it is truly superb at doing just that. Company: Roberto Nicolo Contact: Roberto Nicolo Website: / .