Architecture Awards 2020

2020 Architecture Awards BUILD 35 only does this wealth of experience extend to the knowledge and techniques of technology installation, but also to the products that Wakefields offers for more than two decades. Home cinemas in particular have become something that more and more people are having installed in their homes. Television technology has now grown and developed to a point where homeowners can achieve cinematic visuals and sounds in the comfort of their own homes, and technology is only improving with every passing day. Wakefields has always had a passion for installing home cinemas, and it very much enjoys the satisfaction that it takes from successfully delivering more than two hundred home cinema installations for its customers. Looking to the future, these home cinema installations will no doubt continue to be a staple of what Wakefields has to offer. It continues to be the company that holds quality and longevity at the heart of its values; a particularly powerful combination in a world where gadgets come and go on a daily basis. Wakefields also now have five active show homes, each one offering a view of different home types or systems, plus the main showroom in the heart of Newcastle-upon-Tyne which showcases the home cinema rooms and its flagship Bang & Olufsen dealership. Ultimately, there can be no escaping just how important technology has become in so many people’s lives, but Wakefields acts as a constant reminder of just how seamlessly it can be integrated with our daily routines. For that same seamless experience, there is no better choice than Wakefields, not to mention the outstanding technological performance of the products that the firm installs. The business is exceptional, and is fully deserving of all its success. Company: Wakefields Smarter Home Technology Contact: Martin Wakefield Website: