Architecture Awards 2020

106 2020 Architecture Awards BUILD Jul20184 Best Interior Design & Architecture Studio 2020 - Massachusetts or almost three decades, SGA has been built around a strong design culture that is truly client-inclusive. With a passion that is unmatched in the industry, the firm has grown to be incredibly successful in the integration of creative solutions for unique client needs when it comes to unparalleled design. SGA has a multitude of facets and elements that make it one of the most outstanding full-service firms in not just Boston and New York City, but much of the United States of America. With its innovative design process, cost-saving results, people-focused partnerships, and focus on sustainability, there are few that can match the excellence that SGAdelivers for its clients. Innovation takes many forms, but in the worlds of interior design and architecture, one of the newest innovations is a transformative project delivery methodology called Virtual Design and Construction, or VDC. VDC bridges the gap between design and construction to deliver the client an imaginative design that is wholly inclusive and respectful of cost-efficiencies, predictable outcomes, and speed-to-market. SGA also uses technology and software that enables it to be highly efficient on projects. The Autodesk Revit software for Building Information Modelling (BIM) is highly useful, and allows design, production, and implementation of ideas to be tied together for easy translation of award-winning designs into co-ordinated and construction-ready documentation. By using these modern technological advances, SGA also brings the client into the world of the designer and gives them an efficient understand of the whole process. Seamless integration of software into the processes produces real-time renderings and virtual simultations that encourages on-the-spot design reviews and time-saving results. Using technology in this way also allows SGA to deliver on results and save clients time and money, whilst also mitigating risks. This certainty of outcome is only achievable thanks to the BIM model, one that surpasses other mock-ups in terms of quality and completeness. It is representative of the actual conditions that are due to be constructed. SGA also believes that the best results come from team-building and collaborating within a team, or the firm as a whole. This mentality of collaboration and teamwork is one that can be rare in the industry, but it is one that empowers all roles within a project to innovate together in pursuit of superior outcomes. Collaboration can also breed confidence within a team, and for SGA, this leads to a strong belief in early engagement with city officials and community groups when planning a project. Helping clients navigate the public approvals process and collaborating F with regional organizations brings an added value of expertise than enhances conceptual and developmental efforts. Collaboration only really works if everyone is on board and ready to deliver a project in a collaborativemanner. For that reason, SGA thoughtfully and carefully selects the right people and organizations to partner with. That way, every project and solution is created and innovated on by the best people in the business. SGA partners with highly-skilled architects and consultants to ensure that it provides and implements project-specific solutions. As well as collaboration, sustainability plays a vital role in what SGA has to offer. One of the projects that the firm has endeavoured to make sustainable is the Passive House buildings. The energy conservation measures taken through the SGA Passive House buildings are the firm’s first crucial steps towards creating buildings that are net zero energy and carbon-neutral. Over the last few years, sustainable designs and construction methods have become more widely used. As such, SGA has built up experience and expertise in implementing highly-efficient measures such as airtight buildings, all-electric heating and cooling systems, strategic exterior shading, and LED lighting to help save energy and combat climate change through smart design. As more and more innovations and developments are made in the world of architecture and interior design, the innovations and developments being made by SGAare more important and relevant than ever before. With exceptional service and an infectious enthusiasm for the industry, SGAis at the pinnacle of what architecture and interior design can achieve, and is fully deserving of this achievement in the BUILD Architecture Awards 2020. Company: SGA Contact: Emmy McGoldrick Website: Established in 1991, SGA is a full-service architecture, planning, interior design, virtual design and construction (VDC), and brand environments firm that has offices in both Boston and New York City. Pioneering tech-forward designs that redefine how projects are visualized and delivered, SGA’s team- first approach and unparalleled creativity has resulted in more than three hundred million square foot of successful and innovative work. Join us as we find more.