Architecture Awards 2020

105 2020 Architecture Awards BUILD Jul20618 Best Independent Lighting Consultancy Firm 2020 - Brazil The right kind of lighting can do wonders for architecture, and the two often go hand in hand when creating the perfect space. Architecture can be designed to reflect natural or manmade light, and the light then showcases the beauty of the architecture. In the heart of São Paulo in Brazil, Senzi Lighting is a studio for architectural lighting design, and has produced more than four thousand projects currently implemented all over the world. After the firm’s success, we take a closer look to find out more. ounded in 1992 by Neide Senzi, Senzi Lighting has always remained squarely focused on the development and support of architectural high-tech and sustainable lighting design solutions. Light has a vital role in architecture, as it enables the understanding of a space and the building itself through its style, texture, and colours. Consequently, good lighting designs have to relate to the aesthetical and visual judging of what they are lighting, in addition to aiming for ideal technical performance in terms of saving energy and system operational costs and maintenance. For the last twenty eight years, this is where Senzi Lighting has specialised, in the delivery of exceptional lighting solutions for architecture projects that are full of vibrant colours, striking styles, and timeless forms. One of the more recent projects that Senzi Lighting has developed includes a lighting solution for a residential housing complex by the sea, at a native beach near which takes place the spawning of sea turtles. Sea turtles naturally head towards the sea, and are often guided by the moonlight when this happens during the night. As a result of this, the challenge for Senzi Lighting was to illuminate the housing complex for the residents’ safety and comfort, without attracting the sea turtles and putting them in danger. Therefore, the priority was to avert the artificial light from the spawning site on the beach so that it would not attract the newly born turtles. Besides avoiding nocturnal pollution on the sky and also taking into account the necessary conditions to keep the dark sky in a way that remains possible for humans to see the stars, there were other challenges for Senzi Lighting to address. The artificial illumination system that it ended up adopting was that of a surface reflectance. Thus, the lights were positioned in strategic locations in a way to project the luminosity in the opposite direction of the beach. Senzi Lighting has always been focused on ensuring outstanding project results regarding visual reading and spatial perception of architecture, securing the correct mood for the location and the people who use it. Most important, he strives to make light interact with people in a positive way that impacts biology and psychology. Architecture in Brazil is very advanced in general, and the country is home to architects who are Pulitzer Prize winners and renowned for their unique techniques and aesthetics. Brazil also has many projects that stand out in the international architecture F scene, and they are in need of Senzi Lighting to provide equally outstanding lighting solutions. More and more lighting design is about consolidating its position, and clients are becoming aware of the importance of hiring a professional to develop lighting design projects. As a result, the market is growing exponentially. Senzi Lighting’s office is being hired to design projects in every segment of civil construction, which opens up new business opportunities as well as professional development and learning opportunities. Besides the development of lighting designs, Senzi Lighting considers it very important to encourage and stimulate new professionals that are just starting out in the industry. It is why the firm’s founder, Neide Senzi, has been giving lectures and teaching classes about lighting design in postgraduate courses all over Brazil, in many different educational institutions, for more than thirty years. In addition to this, he has also written and published a number of books on the subject of light, including “Light In The Health Center” and “Images Of Light.” Ultimately, the firm is one of the finest lighting design firms in Brazil, if not the world. The excellence of its services cannot be overstated, and Senzi Lighting is fully deserving of all the success it has garnered, and will undoubtedly garner in the future. Company: Senzi Lighting Contact: Neide Senzi Website: