Architecture Awards 2020

107 2020 Architecture Awards BUILD Jul20493 Best Interior/Exterior Swimming Pool Design Company - UK A swimming pool is seen as the ultimate luxury feature. It’s a place for families and friends to gather round for fun and games or a peaceful evening by the pool. The team behind Swimming Pool Design London are some of the best in the business, entrusted to deliver stunning and innovative results in a traditional industry. We take a closer look at how they’ve managed to achieve such amazing success. ased in Knightsbridge, the team at Swimming Pool Design London have made a name for themselves in the world of bespoke products. The firm has pulled together some of the best consultants, designers, engineers, craftsman and construction experts in the business to create swimming pools that stand apart from the crowd. No matter how challenging, the team deliver something truly astonishing each and every time. Thework of Swimming Pool Design London is always exceptional, with the team aiming for the best possible quality in every regard. This means that the attention to detail at every stage is always impeccable, leveraging years of gathered experience in the field. The team work closely with the construction teams to guarantee a consistent quality in their work when it is delivered. Since it began delivering swimming pools, the team have been thoroughly committed to finding innovative new ways of working. Modernisation and technology are playing an increasingly important role in every industry, and the world of swimming pool design is no exception. With new developments happening every day, the team keep an eye out for the latest developments, undertaking detailed project-based research to ensure each project is as good as it could be. In fact, one of the ways in which Swimming Pool Design London is moving the industry as a whole forward is in its application of technical advice and legal knowledge. One of the team’s priorities has been ensuring that the hydraulics and overall efficiency of their swimming pools and Jacuzzis comply and exceed the governing body regulations. Swimming pools can be used for a range of different purposes, from recreation to family to sport. The team have become particularly adept at adjusting to meet what requirements a client might have. As a result, the team have entered into many B long-running relationships with many clients, working closely with them on many different projects. Ultimately, every pool that the team produce is a collaborative process, with the client’s requirements a fundamental piece of the puzzle. Of course, while the team are always looking forward, their swimming pools generally embrace a humbler approach. When engaging with Swimming Pool Design London, the principle of ‘less is more’ guides every step. The clean lines championed by the team allow for all technical and aesthetic factor draw together with an elegant simplicity. When all is said and done, the team at Swimming Pool Design London don’t just design gorgeous spaces, they bring in a talented engineering and construction team to bring it to life. The high standards that are sought when working with the design process are continued until the final sign off from a client. Full support is given to ensure that customers are totally satisfied at the end of the process. When looking for a swimming pool, it’s worth seeking out the services of Swimming Pool Design London. They understand what a luxury item it is, and are determined to deliver results that will make you the envy of your friends. Company: Swimming Pool Design London Name: John-Paul Acca Web Address: