2019 Architecture Awards

27 2019 Architecture Awards BUILD May19483 ompass Kitchens is a boutique kitchen design business which prides itself on the Designing and Manufacturing of quality bespoke kitchens for South Australian home owners. The majority of work done by Compass Kitchens involves fully renovating Kitchens for Adelaide homeowners. As such, in addition to its custom design and custom manufacturing the firm is also able to handle all the other building work required to provide a full kitchen renovation service for its valued customers. As a small business Compass Kitchen are able to offer a personalized service with great attention to detail, from materials and finishes, to practical storage ideas with easy access, to layout and work-flow, to a place where family and friends can come together. Thanks to its dedication to client service, Compass Kitchens make sure that each kitchen it designs and builds will suit the client’s every need and exceed their expectations. Compass Kitchens: Kitchen Designer of the Year 2019 - South Australia With over 35 years building trade experience, Compass Kitchens is able to create unique tailored designs for its discerning clientele. To celebrate the firm’s success in this year’s Architecture Awards we profile it and showcase the beautiful creations it crafts. C Seeking to ensure quality for each and every client, the firm sources high quality materials and fittings that are best suited for each individual project. Thanks to this approach Compass Kitchens is able to ensure the highest level of craftsmanship goes into every kitchen they make. Ultimately, as a result of this focus on quality, Compass Kitchens is able to ensure that its creations stand the test of time and are enjoyed by their clients for decades to follow. This focus will remain central to the firm’s approach as it looks towards a bright future. Company: Compass Kitchens Contact: Malcolm Watts Website: https://www.compasskitchens.com.au/

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