2019 Architecture Awards

BUILD 2019 Architecture Awards 28 May19302 pecialising in quirky prints and unique designs, Concetta Lorenzo Design aims to provide innovative home accessories to suit a variety of clients. Owner and Founder Concetta Lorenzo is an internationally renowned interior, industrial and surface pattern designer, illustrator, published author, design consultant and teacher. As well as managing Concetta Lorenzo Studio she is also the Co-founder of the jewellery brand Liée. To date, Concetta has collated an impressive and still growing list of global clientele and has had several pieces of her work published across many well-known design publications as well as several press and media outlets. From design books, interiors magazines and Museum exhibits appearances, to trend books and online features, Concetta and her one-of-a-kind design portfolio have made a big impression in the design industry. Her portfolio spans across the ceramics, interior, furniture, fashion, textiles, jewellery, tableware, stationery, gadget and personalized markets. Concetta’s success in the design industry began at the Scuola Politecnica di Design SPD in Milan in 2006, with a BA in Interior Design, where Concetta has developed her early signature style of layering, texturing and creating quirky, hand-drawn line work. Concetta Lorenzo Design: Best Home Accessories Design Studio - Italy Drawing on the vast expertise of its Founder and Namesake, Concetta Lorenzo Design is an Italian company specialising in creating innovative home accessories and furnishings. We profile the firm and the woman driving it to success to find out more. S After graduating she firstly worked in house as a full-time designer with one of the leading Design Studio in Milan alongside side. Wanting to expand her experience and technical knowledge as an all-round designer, Concetta began working for one of the renowned Italian Design Studio, Anna Gili Design Studio, where she specialized in product, interior, exhibit, graphic and surface pattern design for more than two years. After Concetta had established her distinctive design style and had built up a wealth of technical knowledge, she decided to set up her own design studio in 2009 to fly solo. With plenty of creative freedom, Concetta began to develop her elegant and original design range and experiment with her inimitable techniques. In doing this, Concetta has ensured her designs are unique, fun and always full of energy. The free-spirited quality of Concetta’s design work has since attracted a wide range of buyers and clients in Italy, Europe and worldwide. All of Concetta’s success even prompted her to begin public speaking and she is now regularly hired to deliver design-based seminars and lectures around Italy and abroad. Looking ahead, Concetta and the team at Concetta Lorenzo Design will continue to strive towards success and offer clients the same exceptional standard of service and unique products that they have come to expect. Company: Concetta Lorenzo Design Contact: Concetta Lorenzo Website: https://www.concettalorenzo.it/

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