2019 Architecture Awards

BUILD 2019 Architecture Awards 26 May19483 ocated in Vancouver, British Columbia, Ciccozzi Architecture is an award-winning full-service architecture firm specializing in residential and commercial design. Multi-family residential projects ranging from town homes to high-rise towers, as well as retail, commercial and mixed-use developments are the firm’s core specialities. Alongside these, the firm also boasts experience in custom single-family homes, as well as resort/hotel design. Aiming to complete every project to the highest possible standard, Ciccozzi Architecture provides comprehensive and creative architectural design services to an extensive list of private and corporate clients. The team take great pride in its cooperative and interactive design process and a highly- personalised service. Working closely with its clients, the firm’s expert team aim to integrate creative solutions throughout the entire design process to provide a balance of design excellence and economy. The results are testimony to the success of this approach, as over the years Ciccozzi Architecture has been able to produce quality projects that offer an elegant and innovative architectural expression and lasting value for its clients and their communities. Among the firm’s portfolio of exceptional completed projects is its work on “Tempo”, Richmond, BC, Canada. This development provides commercial and residential space with both market and affordable housing options. Ciccozzi Architecture Inc.: Most Innovative Integrated Design Solutions Provider - Vancouver Combining unique techniques with a highly-personalised service, Ciccozzi Architecture Inc. aims to create bespoke spaces that will enhance the communities in which they are based. We profile the firm to learn more about how it achieves this ambitious goal on it every project it undertakes. L The site provides 237 residential units in three multi-story residential buildings ranging in size from five to 12 stories; two- level town homes with street-level entries; at-grade commercial space; indoor and outdoor residential amenity space; and two levels of parking with a landscaped podium. By combining the appropriate number of residential units, small and light-use retail spaces, and ample green space, Ciccozzi Architecture was able to successfully have the zoning of the site changed from light industrial and warehousing. This accomplishment reflects Ciccozzi Architecture’s understanding of the City of Richmond and their vision of the City Centre, which is to create compact, engaging and vibrant urban villages that offer high quality amenities and are sustainable, with being pedestrian and transit-friendly being a major focus. In this way, the design of Tempo appealed to the City’s wish to add to the existing urban fabric of the community. Looking to the future, Ciccozzi Architecture will be working towards undertaking larger scale projects that include more high-rise and tower work. This exciting development will drive the company to even greater success throughout the next year and further ahead. Company: Ciccozzi Architecture Inc. Name: Robert Ciccozzi Address: 200 - 2339 Columbia Street, Vancouver, BC, Canada, V5Y 3Y3 Telephone: 604-687-4741 Web Address: www.ciccozziarchitecture.com

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