2018 Architecture Awards

87 2018 Architecture Awards Build don’t agree that the premium should be as high as it is. This is the case for materials, furniture, home products, fixtures and fittings as well as design services and architectural services. “We believe good design can be affordable and go out of our way to make this available to our clients. There should be a premium, but this should not be unattainable or the gap should not be as wide as it currently is. Fortunately, we work with lots of suppliers and partners who believe in the same ideology. Together we seek to make great spaces for everyone, not just for those who can pay for it.” Looking ahead, Eve has ambitious plans for the future of Aylaa Exclusive which she is proud to share with us in her concluding comments. “Overall, the future looks bright for Aylaa Exclusive, and our plan is to work on larger projects and schemes, both in London and abroad. We want to expand our company to manage the build from end to end on more medium and larger schemes, adding some public schemes to our list is definitely a focus and looking at how we can branch abroad. Our shorter term goal perhaps is to work with some unique manufacturers to become a supplier for chosen few products via our website, perhaps also coming up with some product ranges of our own too. This would be for furniture and home items as well as for interior items like tiles, and bathroom furniture. “These developments will offer us many great opportunities, which we are all very excited to take advantage of over the years to come. We are a relatively young company currently and we are keen to build upon our current success and help even more clients to create their dream premises.”

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