2018 Architecture Awards

Build 2018 Architecture Awards 88 rawing on a combination of cultural roots in India, a strong affinity to create challenging things, and an educational foundation Bachelor of Architecture in Sci_Arc from Los Angeles, USA, Annupha Reddy Sarasam, founder of DE-TALES Design Studio offers her clients a global perspective and a unique approach to design. After thorough exposure to both the design and architecture markets, as well as exposure to both eastern and western cultures, the studio is now operating from Hyderabad, India and is doing projects in multiple cities with an expansion plan to step foot in other countries as well. This global perspective approach to design has become the style of this bespoke design studio, and is central to its approach, as Annupha highlights. “Globalization, in general, has mainly blurred boundaries creating hybrids. We at DE-TALES play with multiple interior design and architecture styles and merge them to create a hybrid style; a contemporized version of the style unique to the client needs, and site analysis. We strive to create a dynamic and individual design that would speak strongly of a character and enhance the emotion of a space. “Architecture and design, in my opinion, is the art of sculpting a space that subconsciously triggers and enhances your emotional experience with it. Hence our project output is highly artistic oriented, of which the under layer is mathematical or parametric.” The practice’s mission revolves around achieving client satisfaction and a unique outcome, as Annupha is keen to emphasise. “Here at DE-TALES, our mission is to constantly push the boundaries of architecture and to experiment with new spatial concepts. Our practice is a place for innovation and for challenging the way we think about design. Using design as a mode of enquiry, the studio explores architecture and design that can enable new forms of communication. Our work is often informed by experimenting with concepts and techniques outside the architectural profession, including music, science, and computation and integrating the disciplines and techniques of cultural research, graphic art and architectural design to create experientially dense environments. “Embracing a behavioural approach, the studio develops open systems that construct participatory and interactive frameworks that engage the everyday. Constant reinvention of our architecture with an on-going sense of discovery, honesty to design, and client satisfaction are the driving forces, along with the ability to explore and evolve.” Among the firm’s recent projects is Tollgate, a casual street-style restaurant, has a thematic space to dine in, that addresses the client’s specific concept of serving signature dishes inspired from local “Dhaba” (eatery joints alongside Indian highways) food to Global bite-size cuisine. The firm has also worked on India’s first whiskey club, The Highlands, and a range of additional residential and corporate projects which keep the team on their toes. Overall, being based in India offers DE-TALES a myriad of possibilities for further innovative, as Annupha proudly explores as she concludes her fascinating overview of this dynamic company. “Ultimately, India is a country with rich and extensive heritage. This can cause design firms to create a wave of traditional approach to design and execution where the society appreciates modern design and technology, but however is not willing enough to embrace it. Creating a dynamic output, drawing out of the boundary lines, and creating concept-specific out-of-box designs are not accepted easily. In such an environment we have taken it as a major challenge to specifically focus on concept and create dynamic spaces at various scales and typologies of spaces, and this will remain our ongoing focus as DE-TALES as we look towards a bright future.” DE-TALES Design Studio Architect and Interior Designer of the Year 2018: Annupha Reddy Sarasam - India DE-TALES Design Studio is a young and dynamic Architectural and Interior Design firm which strives to create design that inspires, approaching each project, regardless of size and scale, with an understanding that architecture has a unique power to influence lifestyle and society. Founder Annupha Reddy Sarasam provides us with a unique insight into the firm and her role in its incredible success. D AR180131 Company: DE-TALES Design Studio Contact: Annupha Reddy Sarasam Address: 403, Lahari Residency, Shobana Colony, Hyderabad, 500526, India Phone: 0091 8008798777 Email: [email protected] Website: www.facebook.com/detalesAnupaReddy