2018 Architecture Awards

Build 2018 Architecture Awards 86 stablished in 2014, Aylaa Exclusive is a commercial minded interior design and project management business. Initially working on individual refurbishment projects, Aylaa Exclusive has since flourished into a full-service provider in project management, interior design and furnishings for small to medium sized projects both in the UK and overseas. With its unique speciality in dealing with investors, Aylaa Exclusive is able to provide a high-end design and finish that makes investment properties stand out. Now, with a portfolio of award winning properties and furniture design, Aylaa Exclusive is fast becoming a sought-after solution for investors. Eve highlights how the firm has achieved this thanks to its client focus, which is reflected in its mission and the approach it takes to every project. “At Aylaa Exclusive our aim is to build spaces that effects peoples’ lives in a positive way. We want to create something that they love and want to spend time inside, whether it is a home, an office, a shop or a restaurant. Although the outcome is important, we work to achieve good design and space management without vast costs so that we can work with a wide range of clients, on an array of projects, no matter the budget, because we think a beautiful home or space should be accessible to all. Everything we do, we always concentrate on cost and design, exploring how we can bring the cost down whilst maximising the design.” To achieve a truly impeccable design which will meet the needs of the individual client, Eve and her team take a bespoke approach and communicate with the client throughout the process, as Eve highlights. “When we work on any new project, we always spend a lot of time and recourse on developing the best design we can around the budgets we have and then project manage every aspect of the build ourselves. Being involved in the ongoing product and material sourcing to keep the costs as low as possible and wastage of materials to minimum. We have developed an amazing group of suppliers over the years, but we research the cost of every item prior to placing an order every time and are not afraid to use new suppliers if items can be bought more cost effectively or faster. “This allows us to really closely manage a budget and time scales of delivering a site. We coordinate all of the labour on site and the professionals whether in house or partners to deliver the required outcome. This means the client has only one point of contact, us, who can manage and update on all aspect of their project all of the time and ensure time scales and budgets are adhered to. We pass on all our savings and discounts from our suppliers to our customers and charge a % fee of the project cost, this allows us to be a very cost effective solution.” It is this tailored approach to design and project management that has helped Aylaa Exclusive to achieve the success it enjoys today. As a result of its innovative approach to client relations, the majority of the firm’s new clients come from referrals. Word of mouth is often the best advertisement in the architecture market, and Aylaa Exclusive is fortunate to have a wide portfolio of satisfied clients. Another key factor in this success is the vast market experience of Eve and her team. Drawing on this, Eve comments on the issues she has noticed in the wider architecture and design space and how she feels that these could be rectified to better support clients. “Currently, I strongly believe that in our industry as a whole there is a disproportionate case of good design = high cost. We know and understand that there are some products which cost more based on workmanship or value of a natural or core material in the market such as marble or gold that would naturally add to the cost of a product. However, there are many instances where something is designed well rather than it costs more to manufacture or the core materials are harder to find, and even though we agree there needs to be premium for good design, we Best Commercial Interior Design Boutique – London & Award for Excellence in Refurb Project Management Aylaa Exclusive is an investment minded interior design, project management and furnishings company. We caught up with Director and Founder Eve Laws to find out more about the firm and the range of innovative projects it creates. E AR180057 Company: Aylaa Exclusive Contact: Eve Laws Address: 9 Lanark Square, 3rd Floor, London, E14 9RE, UK Phone: 02071830071 Web Address: www.aylaaexclusive.com

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