2018 Architecture Awards

2018 Architecture Awards Build 85 Yrki arkitektar ehf Most Progressive Architectural Firm 2018 – Iceland & Best Icelandic Corporate Office Design Project: Vodaphone HQ Yrki arkitektar ehf. (Yrki Architects Ltd) is an Iceland based architectural office that emphasises ambition and innovation in architectural creation. We profile the practice to find out more and explore the secrets behind its success. These conditions and realities give rise to the built environment, and as such Yrki Architects will adapt around these to create the buildings and structures that the world needs, both now and over the years to come. stablished in September 1997 by Ásdís Helga Ágústsdóttir and Sólveig Berg Emilsdóttir, Yrki Architects came about after the Founders’ proposal for a Medical History Museum in Nesstofa, Seltjarnarnes, received 1st Prize in a competition by invitation. The name Yrki has specific meanings in Icelandic: to cultivate and to write verses. This highlights the office’s philosophy: to unite the earthly and the lyrical but as well to show a sensitivity in intertwining different sources to the project from the urban and natural context while wanting to take a coherent position in the designated landscape. Since inception Yrki Architects has flourished, and today the team prides itself in the quality of the architecture it has produced. The office has participated in architectural competitions with good results. It provides services and consultation on architecture and planning to public authorities, businesses and individuals. Over the years, the office has worked on numerous projects, both in Iceland and internationally. The staff at Yrki Architects are highly skilled and experienced, qualified to work on a variety of design projects. The staff are well educated who have a diverse work experience from international firms to ensure that they provide their clients with the solutions and support they need. Their design process involves planning, design, creating, erecting, constructing and executing construction of various types of buildings that are functionally efficient, economically viable and, most importantly, aesthetically pleasing. Moving forward, Yrki Architects has a bright future ahead as it seeks to adapt around the latest trends in the market to create truly unique outcomes. Throughout history, architecture has been a construct of social, economic and material conditions. Whether or not architects choose to accept them, they provide a framework under which design is generated. E Company: Yrki arkitektar ehf Contact: Asdis Helga Agustsdottir Address: Mýrargata 26, 101 Reykjavik, Iceland Phone: +354 552 6629/+3548608886 Web Address: www.yrki.is

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