2018 Architecture Awards

75 2018 Architecture Awards Build “Modern technical equipment and working software are a necessary prerequisite for the application of BIM and the integration of digital data. As such, at SBA we are constantly improving and developing data backed or 3D planning processes to ensure traceability and the best possible coordination among all the parties involved in a project. This approach begins at the planning stage, and continues on beyond execution to ensure that maintained of our structures is always efficient. In addition, we are currently combining BIM-data with GIS (Geographic Information Systems), as a significant part of the data used for urban planning has spatial relevance.” Innovation is a key aspect of the firm’s work, but the firm also draws on its team’s skills and specialist local knowledge to achieve success. Being based in two key locations offers many benefits and challenges for SBA. One important challenge in Germany is that, in many European cities, there is a need for densification. By developing existing inner urban districts, it is possible to revaluate and optimize infrastructures. There is a housing shortage in many areas which is caused by a rural exodus, and this indicates a requirement for numerous new apartments and a need for new schools and kindergartens. This densification bounds urban sprawl, but nevertheless it is important to keep a close eye on the urban climate and –ecology, which reacts sensitively to the stronger use of landscape. Urban planning in China requires more extensive in-depth approaches, caused by a very fast urban development. The term “Smart City” describes technology-based changes and innovations in urban spaces. The idea of using digital technology is also a response to complex economic, social and political challenges of today´s society. The focus is on the handling of environmental pollution, demographic change, growth of population and scarcity of resources. New technical opportunities are useful and have to be integrated into concepts for liveable, high-quality cities. By using specific design tools, it is possible to create cities that are characterized by an intelligent mix of uses, optimal local public transportation-possibilities and many walkable areas. Looking ahead, SBA will be working alongside its clients to support them as they work to overcome these challenges and create the cities of the future.

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