2018 Architecture Awards

Build 2018 Architecture Awards 74 rawing on its wealth of experience and expertise, SBA provides holistic solutions for complex planning tasks. Hong Li shares an insight into “Here at SBA, our services include architectural design, urban planning, landscape design, feasibility studies and competitions. One of our special areas of expertise is the smart city planning. We have supported towns and cities for many years in their implementation of a wide range of measures at various levels. As part of this focus, we have developed tools, such as the Low Carbon Index (LCI) and the Energy Efficiency Controller (EEC). “Each project is optimally implemented taking design, functional and technical aspects into account. In addition, quality, cost and schedule targets are always adhered into the processing of planning projects. We attach great importance to energy efficiency, sustainability and reducing life cycle costs. With our creative, complex and out-of-the-box thinking, we always try to create more value than our clients had intended to ensure that they are always satisfied with the outcome.” As part of this approach, the firm relies on a team of dedicated, skilled staff, all of whom are driven towards providing exceptional service for SBA’s clients, as Hong Li highlights. “One of our key strengths is our interdisciplinary team: each of them experts in their special area of competence but working and cooperating closely together. Thus, we carry out widely varying projects beginning from small kindergartens over complex laboratories and hospitals up to the master planning of huge urban areas. We are experienced enough to realize very large and challenging projects but, nevertheless, small enough to care personally about each of our clients and about each of our team members.” This dedicated workforce is provided with the latest cutting edge solutions to ensure optimum efficiency, as Hong Li is eager to emphasise. Best International Architectural Planning Company 2018 & Best Energy-Efficient Office Project: Innovation Center SBA Architektur und Städtebau is an interdisciplinary design team of architects, urban planners and landscape architects, working in Munich, Stuttgart and Shanghai. Dr. Hong Li, managing director of SBA explores how the practice supports its clients and creates stunning structures that will inspire and delight for many years to come. D AR180104 Company: SBA Architektur und Städtebau Address: Möhlstraße 12, 81675 München, Germany Phone: 0049 89 202403 0 Website: sba-int.com

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