2018 Architecture Awards

Build 2018 Architecture Awards 76 Best Architectural Ironmongery Company - South East England SDS London is an Architectural Ironmongery company that has been established for over 35 years. We invited Simon Ayers, Sales Director to provide us with an overview of the company as we explore the secrets behind its continuous success. “Working with a vast array of clients within the industry, we provide door schedules for interior designers, architects and contractors for any project, whether it be large or small. Keeping our clients up-to-date with every development that arises during the process, we handle the project from initial enquiry and design to supply.” When working on a project, it is vital within the architecture industry that the utmost care is taken, and the team at SDS are passionate about delivering the best results on every project. For Simon and the team, it is not just about producing the best result, but also the best service. “Whenever we undertake a project with a client, we like to focus on the service we can provide for any project, and will do all that we can to ensure things run smoothly and on time. This is something many of our clients appreciate.” Working in such a competitive industry, it is important that SDS are able to stand out amongst other architecture firms, and fortunately this is something that the team at SDS excels at. Boasting a wealth of knowledge and experience, Simon tells us that it is versatility which really sets the firm apart from others. “Holding a unique skillset in the architecture industry, we are proud to offer many different ranges of ironmongery to choose from and are dedicated to providing a pleasant and easy experience.” Overall, SDS is well placed to build on the successful foundations that it has built, and now has a solid platform which will enable it to catapult itself to the top of the industry. Offering a huge number of products and services, with over 10,000 lines in stock, the SDS team are able to provide a timely, friendly and exceptional service. Whatever the project that the team are working with the client on, it is guaranteed that brilliant results will be delivered with a professional service. DS has been supplying architectural ironmongery to the trade and public from its showrooms in Battersea for an extensive period. Throughout the firm there is considerable experience and expertise, meaning the company is able to provide the highest levels of service to leading construction projects in the UK, Europe and overseas. Having been selected as the Best Architectural Ironmongery Company in South East England, Simon tells us what it means to the team at SDS to win this award and what attributes the firm possesses which have contributed to its extensive success. “Here at SDS London, we are extremely proud to have won this award as it is great recognition of our work. We believe that our product offering and high standards of service have allowed us to achieve this.” Providing us with a summary of the work that the firm undertakes, Simon elaborates on the work that the team does, and what processes the team utilise in order to guarantee that the client is satisfied. S AR180008 Company: SDS London Ltd Contact: Simon Ayers - Sales Director Address: 183-189 Northcote Road, Battersea, London, SW11 6QF, UK Phone: 02072 281185 Website: www.sdslondon.co.uk

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