2018 Architecture Awards

57 2018 Architecture Awards Build The success of this approach can be illustrated by the success of the firm’s projects. Moisés showcases one such success-story and explores how he and his team worked to achieve a successful outcome for everyone involved. “One of our latest projects, is a house between party walls in a small town in Ciudad Real. The area has a long tradition of brickwork, and the house has won several awards in the UK, Austria and Spain as one of the best brick projects around. We envisaged and designed a new way to lay bricks on the facade which would allow for natural ventilation without compromising privacy indoors. The result is an abstract piece that successfully links in with the rest of the houses on the street. Despite budgetary constraints and the fact that the plot was too narrow, we also managed to bring natural light to the ground floor through gaps between the framing and the wall. As a result, the piece not only meets the client’s expectations, but also offers a rich interplay of natural and artificial light indoors.” With regards to the future, a new partnership looks set to drive even greater success for MUKA, as Moisés is excited to conclude. “Thanks to our continued success, our studio is constantly growing. We have just signed an agreement with JC Architecture in Taiwan and right now two of our people are working with their Taipei office. Johnny Chiu (the CEO of JC Architecture) and I met over a decade ago in New York, where we spent a year together. We are working together on several projects, joining forces and fostering cultural and technical exchanges between Spain and Taiwan with great results. This partnership means that investors who want to work in Asia and Europe can leverage our joint infrastructure to address projects globally. The future is always born of new alliances that strive to facilitate communication and work, and we are excited for the developments that this new allegiance will offer us.”

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