2018 Architecture Awards

Build 2018 Architecture Awards 56 MUKA Arquitectura SLP Best Young Architecture Studio 2018 - Spain Based in Madrid, with additonal offices in Spain (Málaga and Ciudad Real), MUKAarquitectura is a multidisciplinary studio which deals with issues which are closely linked to the way buildings help make society better. We invited Moisés Royo to provide us with an overview of the studio and how it works towards this ambitious aim. “As part of our aim to create work which will enhance the society in which we live, at MUKA we tackle all sorts of projects, from housing projects (single family homes, apartment blocks, terraced houses, etc.) to public buildings, sports complexes, auditoriums, retail spaces for specific brands and much more. In our projects we also factor in - if the client wants us to - economic, technical, bio-climatic and smart-home aspects, which improve the final result. “Our clients come from all walks of life: from foreign investors looking to undertake some kind of project in Spain to private developers and public institutions. We do not consider ourselves specialists in a specific type of construction, but rather in socially-focused designs, so we are able to work on all sorts of projects. The odder the client’s requirements are, the more comfortable we feel during the design process, and we always provide them with a clear, positive answer. That is why we have not only received national and international awards for housing projects, we have even won an award for the design of a cemetery.” Creating this wide array of projects Moisés and his team undertake a vigorous approach to ensuring excellence every time, as he outlines. “When undertaking a new project, we approach projects based on our technical convictions in relation to the needs that were brought to our attention. We then work with objective parameters (used energy, orientation, necessary dimensions, number of accesses, etc.) which yield acceptable results, however this is never enough, and as such we work towards even greater achievements. “As part of this, we work with models and graphic techniques in which we do not control the whole process, leaving room for a certain degree of randomness, freshness and distance from the problem so that we can suddenly find a spark; a narrative that will allow us to provide a new vision of a problem that was originally conceived from a different perspective.” rawing on its vast industry experience, MUKA undertakes a vast array of projects for a diverse range of clients, as Moisés is proud to highlight. D AR180115 Address: MUKA Arquitectura SLP Contact: Moisés Royo Address: Calle Norte 20, Local, 28015 Madrid, Spain Phone: +34 91 521 6579 Website: www.mukaarquitectura.com

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