2018 Architecture Awards

55 2018 Architecture Awards Build production times. Additionally, we use administration tools such as CRM systems, Project Management and Accounting Software as well as many other technological tools that would have never been thought to be applied in the construction sector ten years ago such as the MKW Surfaces Mobile App, etc. We are also the first Company in the construction sector to start accepting Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies from 2017, which is a testimony to our approach to technology”. With regards to the future, Alan is optimistic that MKW Surfaces can continue to adapt and develop around its clients’ ever evolving needs, as he is proud to conclude. “To ensure that we continue to offer our clients the very highest possible quality solutions, at MKW Surfaces we are constantly evolving and adapting to the latest trends in the architectural and designs arena. As such, looking ahead we are planning to introduce a range of glass products that will enable our clients to work with a single company when they order their stone worktops and glass splashbacks. The fact that it will be carried out by the same company provides our clients with reduces times and costs for their projects and ultimately provides them with peace of mind by knowing that both aspects of the project are being managed by the same team of reliable and professional staff members. We are also working on the inclusion of bespoke furniture made from stone among many other things, and we are very excited about the opportunities these developments will offer us.” AR180097

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