2018 Architecture Awards

Build 2018 Architecture Awards 58 Best Art & Museum Exhibition Design Firm 2018 - Germany neo.studio neumann schneider architects was founded in Berlin in 2003 by Tobias Neumann and Moritz Schneider. They provide us with an overview of the firm, highlighting the ways they achieve excellence in the services they offer their clients. multimedia. The main priority of our exhibits is to present the artefacts and impart an understanding of their histories. Through forms, colours and a commitment to the overarching concept, our coherent designs are further developed. Ideas and projects are carried out in adherence to the given time frame and price range by our team of architects, interior architects, graphic designers, media designers and social scientists. Our work encompasses projects in the field of museum and exhibit conception as well as the design of interior spaces and buildings. Our office excels in the development of archaeological, natural history, art history, scientific and cultural history exhibits and museums. Our multidisciplinary strategy marries content-, concept-, and draft-based working styles into an enhanced architecture practice. Our focus is always on the artefact and its history. Through connecting scenographic and architectonic principles, fully-integrated presentation spaces and new display forms emerge. Every exhibition project becomes its own distinct multisensory experience. obias Neumann studied architecture at the University of Porto, Portugal, and at the Berlin University of the Arts, Germany. Moritz Schneider studied architecture at the Laboratory of Primary Studies in Architecture in Paris, the Berlin University of the Arts and the UCL Bartlett Faculty of the Built Environment in London. After working in a range of different architectural practices and producing their first exhibitions, they founded neo.studio in Berlin. In addition to designing museums and exhibitions, their interdisciplinary team also focuses on interiors, building constructions and urban planning projects. neo.studio undertakes architecture and museum projects at all developmental stages, from brainstorming to overseeing completion. Our range of skills include project management, architectural services along with graphic design and media production. We turn contents into knowledge spaces that can be experienced. Nor do we follow a set dogma, but develop our own integrated solution for every content. In our projects, the cohesive interaction of stories, exhibits, space and visual communication make it possible to experience the content which is being communicated at an emotional level. Through our designs, we communicate many layers of information and the nuances of our subject matter. Our graphically-striking and architecturally-inventive projects forge relationships between the design and the viewer. Developing symbols and metaphors that help to convey meaning is especially important to our work; often these tropes speak a language that cannot always be clearly understood by museum visitors. Conscious of their value, we use them to direct our work while leaving room for interpretation and free associations. Our desire is to excite the senses of the viewer in a multitude of ways and, in doing so, bring spaces to life. We realise our exhibit designs through extensive interdisciplinary collaboration with scholars and curators. Consistent imagery and understandable metaphors are created through the successful integration of an exhibit’s main components: architecture, graphic design and T AR180064 Company: neo.studio | neumann schneider architekten Leuschnerdamm 13, Berlin, DE-10999, Germany Telephone: 0049 30 27498285 Web Address: www.neo-studio.de

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