2018 Architecture Awards

Build 2018 Architecture Awards 52 ARLIN Design is an award-winning Architectural design company, based in Bishop’s Stortford, catering for both private and commercial clients throughout the architecture industry. Typically, Mark works with young affluent families, with most of them looking to move into family homes which they will be in for the long-term. To reach the desired outcome on both sides on his projects, Mark holds initial discussions with the client and obtains a brief from them of their ideal home. Mark keeps the clients up-to-date throughout the whole process, and utilising his extensive network of contacts, the building process begins. Mark starts off the discussion by describing the feeling of being named as the Best Residential Architecture Studio in Southern England, explaining how much it means to him as a Architectural Designer to see his work rewarded. “Winning this award means a lot to me and it is my second since October. As a small business with only me to do everything, recognition for hard work and putting in long hours is key to keeping me going. Not having staff or colleagues to talk to and bounce ideas off can make this a very lonely job, and to be recognised for a particular project is a big morale booster for me.” Possessing a vast amount of experience in exceeding client expectations and delivering fantastic results, Mark decided to tell us about his latest project, and in the process, he outlined what the key challenges are which he has had to overcome to make it a success. “The latest completed scheme is that of a two-storey rear extension, a single-storey side extension, and the total internal reorganisation of a detached dwelling in Bishop’s Stortford. Being a typical early 1970s home, the venue had large rooms, with big windows, so natural light was not the issue. However, circulation was, as to get around the house from the front door, you had to pass through the Living Room. By adding the side extension, we could shift the whole house sideways by 2.5m, thereby adding a hallway from the front door past the stairs and into the rear of the property. The two-storey extension to the rear provided a huge open plan Kitchen Dining area, with extended and reorganised bedrooms to the first floor. Externally recladding of the dwelling has now created a family home fit for the 21st century.” Best Residential Architecture Studio – Southern England MARLIN Design Ltd is a small one-man company that provides Architectural design services to clients who want to extend their homes. We spoke to Mark Wiffen as we looked to examine the secrets behind the firm’s success. M AR180001 Company: MARLIN Design Ltd Contact: Mark Wiffen Phone: Bishop’s Stortford office: 01279 933039 | London office: 0207 118 3039 | Stevenage office: 01438 530039 Website: www.marlin-design.co.uk

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