2018 Architecture Awards

51 2018 Architecture Awards Build the gap between a projects’ full potential and the boundaries imposed by realities of life. “Among our recent success stories is the newly completed Le Meridien Hotel Refurbishment in Abu Dhabi. This building is a heritage building site, we were commissioned to create a contemporary timeless setting, whilst maintaining certain elements of the building. We are proud of the end result, which is a stunning combination of old and new styles in keeping with the building’s surroundings.” “Our central hub is Dubai; with projects across the globe, ranging from Europe, Africa, China and the Middle East. As such, our team is very well travelled, and this makes our work vastly thought-provoking, with the benefits of Dubai’s cosmopolitan ethos. We are constantly finding new inspiration and fine-tuned with the industries’ innovative and inspiring materials in rhythm with technology. The touch and feel of materials walk you through the story and connect with your senses, from preliminary concept to completion. Every project is like a new puzzle to solve and an opportunity to explore, this constantly leads to new research understanding and creations. Part of our mission is to embody interior design solutions that are quirky, yet ageless. “Alongside our world travel, we also notice many exciting changes in our local environment which we are keen to use to our advantage. Currently, we are noticing that the UAE is the striving for a national identity. As a region, we are part of the global society, and ours is a multicultural city with a fusion of cultures, which offers everyone at M Atelier a wealth of inspiration.” Ultimately, Liza is proud of the success that M Atelier has achieved so far, and moving forward she is keen to build upon this and continue to create spellbinding designs, as she is excited to conclude. “Looking to the future, we are set to broaden our horizons in the US and are also working on a massive masterplan which comprises of a resort and several water villas in the Caribbean. Alongside this exciting project, we have just signed up two 5-star hotel projects in Africa, where I believe there is a booming luxury hotel market which will keep us busy for many years to come.”

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