2018 Architecture Awards

53 2018 Architecture Awards Build A crucial aspect of Mark’s success has been his approach to working on new projects, notably the exceptional customer service that he delivers, alongside the results that he produces which have been key to his achievements. “When undertaking a new project, I always look at the project from the client’s perspective, such as things like the physical constraints of the property and its surrounding buildings and features, as well as what materials would enhance the property’s aesthetic and kerb appeal. To ensure its success, circulation is an important part of the scheme design as often, one of the main reasons for the project is the existing circulation. Providing us with an overview of the architecture industry within South England recently, Mark is keen to highlight how the revamp of airports and train stations are influencing the industry and his work. “Currently, there is a big push for modern and contemporary design locally, with many houses being externally remodelled to give them a rendered/grey windowed look. Whilst this is common and can be a stunning transformation, I wonder whether it will be seen like the Docklands in years to come. By that, I mean that it may run out of time in its fashion and be old in the coming years. “As we live in one of the most affluent areas of the UK with house prices doubling in the last six years, no-one under the age of 30 can afford to buy a property in this area at present, and therefore there is a huge need for quality but affordable housing for the first-time market. “With London Stansted Airport, as well as the main line into London Liverpool Street on our doorstep, many properties are being extended to become HMOs for airport staff and flight crews. Also, where housing was acquired under Compulsory Purchase by the airport, these are now being sold off by the airport at a lower than market rate. Many of these have been HMOs for flight crews and are now in desperate need of upgrading and extension. The market is buoyant and I do not see it slowing down anytime soon.” Ultimately, with Mark continuing to deliver stunning projects, he is optimistic that MARLIN Design will continue to thrive and become a leader in the industry. Moving forward, Mark is looking to move his company forwards through developing quality schemes with clients throughout Hertfordshire, North London and the Home Counties.

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