2018 Architecture Awards

Build 2018 Architecture Awards 30 Most Trusted Full-Service Architecture Firm - Texas Firmitas Design is a nationally recognised, full-service architectural firm based in Dallas, Texas. We invited Michael Adams to talk us through the firm in more detail. “Central to our success here at Firmitas Design is our committed and professional team. We love to draw in the conference room. Being able to talk and ask questions that help understand the how a client works while drawing up a solution to their problem is what makes us special. I doubt anyone has more fun in their meetings than we do. Also, when it comes time to get permits and to apply for variances we take that same energy to city and help make sure any issue that may arise are solved with just the same level of joy and dedication.” Looking ahead, the core focus of Firmitas Design will be on improving the lives of its clients, as Michael is excited to conclude. “Going forward, as our firm continues to grow our focus is shifting towards finding healthy solutions. We like to explore how moving to a new home can help our clients to live a better life, and as a team we are exploring ways to live better and incorporate those ideas in our designs. If we can help a client find extra time during the day, make healthy cooking easier, or just do something their body could not do in an existing house, then we have done a good job. “Within the wider architecture space, as technology continues to advance producing drawings might become easier, but this can put our industry at risk of producing mediocre cookie cutter projects. I think for architecture to thrive we need keep asking questions and creating unique solutions. As long as we listen to our clients and aim to add quality, not reduce effort, the future will be bright.” irmitas Design is a boutique architecture firm that specializes in reimaging historically significant architecture to create modern solutions that solve the current needs today’s families have. Michael explores how this is achieved and the client focused process that the team undertakes to ensure that every project is completely tailored to the clients’ requirements. “Here at Firmitas Design our primary mission is to listen and find something special that makes a project unique to every person that walks in our door. To ensure we have time to hear our clients, we make sure we have big gaps between meetings so that clients have enough time to express themselves. We can work fast, but you can’t rush a great solution. For this reason, we always try to give our clients plenty of information and time to understand the direction their project is heading.” Further demonstrating the firm’s collaborative approach, Michael highlights one of the firm’s recent successful projects and how the team worked alongside their clients to create an outcome they could be truly proud to call home. “Every project we undertake has a unique challenge. The latest challenge we have addressed was how to design a 3000-square foot home that a theatre set-costume designer can work in. Our client required a large work room that is out of sight from the primary living area, but the house also needed to have all the features a 3000-square foot house would have to be marketable in the future. We explored a few options, and ultimately landed on using the typical master bedroom location to act as studio space and then we created a more modest master bed room upstairs that better met our client needs.” This approach extends beyond the firm’s work with the client, and is also a central part of the firm’s internal culture, as Michael is eager to emphasise. F AR180053 Company: Firmitas Design, LLC Contact: Michael Adams Address: 2735 Villa Creek Dr. Suite 275, Dallas, Texas, 75234, USA Phone: 001 469 682 8915 Website: firmitasdesign.com

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