2018 Architecture Awards

29 2018 Architecture Awards Build without having to jump in and out from different projects. At the same time, we have frequent quality checks within our team that ensures that every project is filtered by each one of us. It is vital to have an overview of our ongoing projects as well as a fresh look in our individual work, in which each one is concentrated. This is why we like to say that choosing FA Works is risk free. Sometimes surprises are nice in life, but not when it comes to our projects. Choosing FA Works means top quality results, delivered on time.” As testimony to the success of this approach, and the firm’s commitment to innovation, Ante shares an insight into one of FA Works’ recent successful projects, where the team created the plans for a unique car parking building which will involve a creative use of lighting and technology. “One of our recent success stories was the visualizations we did of a parking building in Sundsvall. At first this might not sound very exciting, but this building will have a milky glass facade with integrated led lighting within the glass. The client requested several images that will communicate to the public the color changes on the facade, in different times of the day and in different moods. The challenge was to make the RGB led lighting interact with the milky glass in a physical way. We wanted to achieve this first, in order to be free later to test different light patterns on the facade without any limitations, just like in the real world. After examining photo references and after a lot of tests we had the results we were aiming for. In the end, it was really nice to see the image printed on the newspapers with a bold headline stressing the colorful lighting on the facade.” Looking ahead, it is Ante’s belief that greater efficiency can be achieved in the architecture space, and he and the team at FAWorks are keen to help drive changes and implement new techniques which could help achieve this, as he excitedly concludes. “As we look to the future, we would be happy to see visualization being used more throughout the design phases of a project, instead of only being the final stage that helps selling a project. We think that technologies like virtual reality and real-time rendering could be used as tools for better understanding of scale for example or for more accurate light and volume studies. There will always be a need for still images, but this is the next step to interact with a building before it is built in the real world and it can greatly affect the decision-making process in architecture. We look forward to spearheading this change over the coming years and driving our industry towards its latest shift.”

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