2018 Architecture Awards

Build 2018 Architecture Awards 28 Best 3D Visualisation Studio 2018 - Sweden Fabulous & Amazing Works AB (FA Works), produces high quality 3D visualizations, animations and interactive experiences for the real estate and advertising industries as well as the manufacturing market. Founder Ante Sladic talks us through the firm and how it works to achieve excellence on every project. as interactive 3d environments for touch screens. Some of our main clients are IKEA, PERMOBIL, FISKARHEDENVILLAN and more.” For these clients, the firm works to provide a bespoke service, drawing on its vast industry knowledge and creative activity, as Ante is keen to highlight. “When we work with new clients, our approach consists of two main elements. The first is direct communication between artist and client. Many other companies function as middlemen between artists and clients, outsourcing their projects, losing control eventually and resulting in cheap looking images that gives the wrong impression, rather than cheap prices. On the other hand, at FAWorks we offer a solid team in which the members know each other well and use the appropriate tools and methods to reach the desired result.” “The second aspect of our approach that we find important is that an artist should have the creative control of a project from start to finish. Artists are passionated about what they do and we want that creativity to flourish hanks to the great industry experience and quality, FA Works is one of Sweden’s leading companies in realistic visualizations and renderings for the real estate, construction and manufacturing industries. Ante explains how the company was started and the success they achieved over the years. “Initially, FA Works started as a company in Sundsvall, and since then it has gradually expanded as demand was growing accordingly. At the moment we have offices in Stockholm, Sundsvall, Skellefteå and Jönköping, while we also have artists working remotely from home on other locations. We take advantage of modern day network solutions to work remotely, however we feel that it’s necessary to offer to our clients the comfort of meeting us in person and brief us on their project or discuss about the progress of ongoing works. We are happy to offer services to clients from various industries and being able to demonstrate a mosaic of different projects. We are constantly occupied with architectural and industrial design visualizations, and we also work with food products and other forms of 3d visualizations, such T AR180123 Company: Fabulous & Amazing Works AB Contact: Ante Sladic Address: Nya Hamngatan 21, 852 29 Sundsvall (Headquarter) Phone: 0046 72 555 08 30 Website: faworks.se Instagram: instagram.com/faworks.se

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