2018 Architecture Awards

2018 Architecture Awards Build 31 stablished in 1968, under the leadership of architect José Manuel Gómez Vázquez Aldana, the firm was initially founded as GVA & Asociados. Today, after 46 years of delivering exceptional design solutions, the firm continues to evolve its vision as Gomez Vazquez International. Throughout the last five decades, the firm has completed more than 1,000 projects in over 81 destinations worldwide, demonstrating a commitment to design excellence, innovation, and sustainability. Today GVI draws upon its global resources to provide clients with the most comprehensive set of end-to-end planning, architectural and creative services available in the marketplace today. As in any client-focused business, at GVI staff are vital to success. The firm’s talented team of experienced architects is committed to design excellence, innovation, and outstanding service. It is their passion, tenacity and love for what they do enable GVI to go to the limit and exceed the expectations of the firm’s clients every day. This internally experienced team plan and design in 15 countries within Latin America, North America and the Caribbean. The company has four strategically-located offices in Guadalajara, Mexico City, San Antonio and Panama City, allowing GVI to give each region the personalized attention it deserves. Great architecture rooted in smart planning and urban design, however the firm take that model to the next level with services like interior design and environmental graphic design, and intelligent engineering and applied technology services. In the end, GVI create fluid, cohesive, sustainable environments that serve the needs of today and stand the test of time. Ultimately, exploration, creation and innovation are GVI’s top passions, and as such the team are constantly evolving to stay on top of the latest trends and adapt new concepts in its approach that provide the best solutions in all of its areas of focus. This innovative, flexible approach will remain the firm’s ongoing focus as it looks towards a bright and exciting future filled with opportunities. Best Full Service Architecture Firm 2018 – The Americas Bringing a dynamic combination of prestige and experience, Gomez Vazquez International (GVI) is one of the best architectural firms in the American continent, with the perfect balance of innovation and experience. We profile the firm to find out more and learn about how it has achieved the incredible success it enjoys today. E AR180039 Company: Gomez Vazquez International Contact: Juan Pablo Hernandez Address: Antonio Dovali Jaime 75 Piso 7, Del. Alvaro Obregon, Santa Fe, C.P. 01210, Mexico Phone: 0052 55 5292 3036 Website: gvi.la

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