2018 Architecture Awards

2018 Architecture Awards Build 25 ith the right lighting, furnishings and smart technology, LICHT RAUM KLANG can create expressive living and experience spaces tailored to meet the individual needs of each client. The firm’s certified lighting designers and designers can offer something special because they incorporate the human touch into their designs, using their own experience to create something truly innovative and inspired. Thanks to the team’s keen instinct for light and sound, LICHT RAUM KLANG develops individual and therefore unique lighting and acoustics concepts with simple, intelligent control systems. The aim is that customers experience spaces with all their senses. Therefore, the team always focus on their wishes and expectations. Upon request, they can even take over from the very beginning to the end and cooperate with their partners or its own network of experts. Supporting a range of clients around the world, the firm works across a range of sectors including hospitality firms such as restaurants, spas, and hotels, as well as office, retail and private clients. Ultimately, LICHT RAUM KLANG offers digital living comfort tailored to meet its clients’ individual needs. Easy to use via installed buttons, touch panels or their smartphones /tablets, the concept is based on the cross-spatial, digital networking of lighting, entertainment and shading function to the integration of cross-industry components for a perfect comfort. Moving forward, the firm will continue to innovate and adapt its solutions to ensure it remains at the forefront of emerging developments in this fast paced industry. Best Lighting Design Firm 2018 - Germany LICHT RAUM KLANG provides light planning and smart home integration. We profile the firm to find out more about the range of services the firm has to offer. W AR180119 Company: Die Welle Contact: Sonja Bruckner Address: Kemptener Str. 14, D-87448 Waltenhofen, Germany Phone: 0831 5126 707 Web Address: www.licht-raum-klang.com

http://www.createbespoke.co.uk/ http://www.licht-raum-klang.com/ http://www.fabi-architekten.de/