2018 Architecture Awards

Build 2018 Architecture Awards 24 De Mello & Associates Best Commercial Architecture & Design Firm 2018 - Bermuda DeMello & Associates is a professional Architectural and Structural Engineering company based in Bermuda. We caught up with Dennis DeMello to find out more and explore the secrets behind the firm’s incredible success. Printing. We are proud of the program matrix system used to assist engineering a perfect built environment, which has led to many successful projects.” Looking to the future, Dennis discusses the latest developments in the industry which DeMello & Associates will be exploring in order to remain at the very forefront of the latest market developments and continue to offer clients the service they expect. “Overall, the future is bright, as we make use of modern technologies (Parametrization) and improve on old building design systems. 3D printing and composite engineering of new building materials is a key trend we will be keeping an eye on to ensure that we offer clients cutting edge services.” rawing on its vast experience in the architectural market, DeMello & Associates is a complete design and build company working with clients based around the world seeking innovative design, new ideas and concepts. Dennis explains how the firm works to support these clients and provide them with the outcome they need. “At DeMello & Associates, we believe that creating composite engineered materials is key for construction feasible structures that function in sync with its surroundings. As such, we approach every project with an objective mind and focus on the façade fenestration and performance. We provide an artistic architectural and engineering program that differentiates us from most competitors. “To ensure excellence for our clients we are an 100% digital company, from concept design works to construction documents ready for 3D D AR180052 Company: De Mello & Associates Contact: Dennis DeMello Address: 38A Long Bay Lane, Somerset, Sandys, MA04, Bermuda Phone: 001 441 334 8821

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