2018 Architecture Awards

Build 2018 Architecture Awards 26 DO MIN GUEZ SANZ + EN RICH ARCH ITECTURE+DES IGN Best Multi-Disciplinary Architecture Firm - Spain Dominguez Sanz + Enrich is an international multidisciplinary studio focused on the contemporary practice of architecture and design in different countries. Antonio Dominguez tells us more about the firm and its service offering. any work attending to all the parameters that contain it with the aim of achieving a result with maximum clarity, simplicity, order and harmony. The development process, carried out by a fully involved multidisciplinary team, is carried out under an idea that articulates all our work: ‘Places you want to experience’. We take care of the process as much as the result, that’s why the experience of a project covers from the minute zero until its materialization. The constants of our work are the search for simplicity, harmony, serenity, timelessness, atmosphere, universality, contextualization. Any project is the consequence of a path that starts from the needs of a client.” Overall, the future looks bright for Dominguez Sanz + Enrich, as Antonio is happy to conclude. “Currently, we are working really hard to expand our work to other countries and to open new offices in the north of Europe. We are working at the moment in different residential projects from luxury residences, private houses and housing in Mexico and Norway. We are also getting back into competitions to get involved with public buildings. Having already gained a big following and attention we will be able to build a solid foundation to face the future of the office.” ith two main offices, one in Madrid and the other one in Mexico City, Dominguez Sanz + Enrich offers its vast experience to clients around the world. Antonio explores the firm’s service offering and how it works to provide its clients with truly spectacular outcomes they can be proud of. “Here at Dominguez Sanz + Enrich, we work with all kind of projects, ranging from low income housing, residential – high end, cultural, and mixed-use projects. We also self-develop residential projects with the intention of making the living spaces for people a unique place. We have a strong interest in low income housing, trying to make a game change giving design not just to the high-end housing projects. “Clients often approach the firm with huge ambitions leading us to create bespoke solutions from iconic to rational and unique projects. We had been involved in several projects lately, one it was a housing tower in a really narrow plot where we came with a result of stunning apartments with really nice areas mixing quality and budget. We had to overcome the idea of designing a unique project for the market being in budget and with the best design. our firm is really proud of our way to solve a client’s problem or a site issue with good design and always ending with projects that exceed the client and everyone’s expectations, creating truly unique spaces.” As evidenced, the philosophy of the firm is to pursue excellence in design from freedom, creative diversity, knowledge and innovation by incorporating team development skills and experience of all its members. Its team consists from architects and designers to different departments all specialized in all areas of architecture and design. The multi-disciplinary team allows the firm to offer a unique approach, which Antonio outlines for us. “Architecture and design are for us complementary disciplines that enrich each other and in many ways, they are inseparable. We initiate W AR180075 Company: Dominguez Sanz + Enrich Contact: Antonio Dominguez Address: Av. Fuencarral 44. Edificio 4A Loft 30, Madrid Spain Phone: +34 608 48 65 30 Web: www.dominguezsanzenrich.com

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