2018 Architecture Awards

101 2018 Architecture Awards Build The project is noteworthy not only for its magnitude, but also for the special coordination and communication challenges involved in working on a team that included hospital administration, staff, and decision makers, as well as dozens of sub-consultants located in multiple time zones. Long-distance coordination for such an extensive team and complex project were made possible by digital communication, as requests for information, field reports, drawing revisions, and shop drawing submittals are transmitted electronically. Betsy discusses the importance of this relationship and how it helps her firm to achieve success and create something truly spectacular. “Fundamentally, the relationship between Phoenix Children’s Hospital and the design team was instrumental in making the project a success. The selection committee toured representative existing projects of the short-listed design firms. To our good fortune, the team toured one of our existing Emergency Centers and liked the design concept in place which placed clinicians closer to patients and providing for a less stressful environment. The director of the Emergency Department, who is now Vice President of Critical Care Services, became an advocate for the design concept. “The partnership continued throughout the project without problem, partly due to the professional knowledge of the client; they understood and participated actively throughout the process. They were extremely engaged and made sure all bases were covered. From administration to clinicians, each team member made the time to become involved not only with the broad concepts; the participating extended through the decision- making process on every building system, finish, texture, and color.” Looking to the future, Hobbs+Black has a number of exciting projects in development, especially in the State of Michigan, which reflects the upswing of the economy when compared to the recession that greatly impacted businesses only 10 years ago. These exciting projects offer the firm many opportunities to growth and further enhance its already impressive portfolio of satisfied clients.

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