2018 Architecture Awards

Build 2018 Architecture Awards 100 Best Healthcare Architecture Firm 2018 – USA & Best Hospital Project (USA): Phoenix Children’s Hospital - West Pavilion With more than 50 years’ experience providing architectural services to a range of clients across America, Hobbs+Black Architects is a nationally recognized design firm that provides architectural design and related consulting services. As we have recently recognised the firm in our prestigious Architecture Awards, we caught up with Betsy Hobbs Wagner, Vice President and Director of Business Development, to learn more about the firm and the services it offers. for these areas was difficult due to operating in garnered spaces that were not originally designed to support the emergency care function. Logistics for material management were compromised due to the layout and required that staff travel extended distance; furthermore, direct contact between the clinical staff and patients was equally difficult. Additionally, staff had to contend with the expected chaos of an emergency department. Patient traffic, logistics, visitors, and the clinical team all shared the same circulation network. The new department demonstrates a linear design for patient treatment areas. This model provides for greater efficiency in staff additions/ subtractions to meet the increase and decrease of patients being seen over a 24-hour cycle. Patient exam rooms are located on either side of staff cores which provide landing spaces for physicians and clinical staff, supply storage, medications, nutrition, and equipment. Further, the new design provides for an outer corridor for visitor, transport, and logistics travel outside of and separated from the clinical cores. The separated transport and care zones significantly reduce the chaos of the department and as well, reduce the anxiety level of these pediatric parents and their parents. ounded in 1965, today Hobbs+Black is one of the top 10 largest architectural firms in Michigan and nationally recognized as one of the Top 500 Design Firms by Architectural Record (2017). Over 70 dedicated professionals provide architectural, interior design, and related consulting services from the firm’s offices in Ann Arbor and Lansing, Michigan as well as its newest office in Phoenix, Arizona. Betsy is keen to explore the unique nature of this innovative company and how it aims to offer clients a truly bespoke service. “At Hobbs+Black, our diversified practice meets design challenges that often require extensive research and innovation. Our work philosophy embraces innovation and flexibility, which translate into increased efficiency and a unique approach to solving complex problems. As a full-service architecture firm, we can provide our clients with complete support from conceptual study through to construction administration. “Over our 50+ years in practice we have prided ourselves in our ability to produce architecture of value that represents the client’s brand and the image of the overall venue, not just the building image. The understanding our team gains of our client’s goals allow us to better hear all the stakeholders as we discuss, review, and understand the needs of the project. Hobbs+Black believes in true team communication from all levels; we do not divide our project team into user groups nor do we exclude any of the client’s stakeholders’ opinions and ideas from the core project team.” The success of this communicative, collaborative approach to client service can easily be seen in the firm’s award-winning Phoenix Children’s Hospital project. One of the major objectives for the new Phoenix Children’s Hospital Emergency Department was to improve overall efficiency and performance. The former location involved a department that grew into other areas as space was available. Staffing F AR180136 Company: Hobbs+Black Architects Contact: Betsy Hobbs Wagner Address: 100 N. State Street, Ann Arbor, MI, 48104, USA Phone: 001 734 663 4189 Website: hobbs-black.com

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