Build Architecture Awards

Build Architecture Awards 2015 71 Maurizio Pellizzoni Ltd applies an Italian appreciation of style and design on to a range of residential and com- mercial projects. Founder Maurizio Pellizzoni explains the firm’s unique position in the market and gives us a tantalising glimpse into the future of the firm. There are many good interior designers in the world; many of these are based in London. When it comes to making a decision it can be difficult finding the right person, marrying this with the right style and trusting in the service that company offers is even more difficult. What makes Maurizio Pellizzoni Ltd stand out from the vast percentage of interior design services is my rare ability to create something enviably stylish from the taste and personality of each and every client. No single project is the same but look carefully and they are all bound together by a common thread. Whether it be a historic home in the Highlands of Scotland or a state-of-the-art loft apartment conversion in Shoreditch, each project is crafted into a home that bears the stamp of its owner and brings together the personal belongings of the client, presenting them in their best possible light. At Maurizio Pellizzoni Ltd we offer a boutique service built on close relationships with our clients, from architecture to styling. In order to ensure each of our clients receives the best possible service, Maurizio Pellizzoni Ltd takes the hand of the client and guides them seamlessly through the process, wheth- er accompanying them to buy new furniture and accessories in person or selecting the best objects from their own collection and presenting them in a new way. Having spent many years as Home Collection’s Coordinator at Ralph Lauren, my final dressing skills are amongst the most desirable in the industry, and it is this practice of layering and working with an eclectic collection of pieces, which distinguishes Maurizio Pellizzoni Ltd projects from the rest. Fashion based industries such as ours change frequently, making it imperative for us to keep ahead of the game in terms of new trends. For me, the best way to evolve and keep up with new trends is taking inspiration from fashion, movies and whatever is hap- pening around us. London is an ever-chang- ing and cosmopolitan environment and it feeds my creativity naturally. Travelling to a different city is always a good way to explore a new culture and see something new that can be used for the next design; my luggage is always packed with memorabilia from the places I visit, and my mind registers the dif- ferent trends that I consolidate into my work. Another issue within our industry is that it is highly competitive, meaning firms such as ours have to work hard to diversify ourselves from our competitors. In order to do this we guarantee that each interior will not be a version of many that have come before and we promise to create a home that fits the cli- ent, and only the client, perfectly. This is our number one priority. A lot of our competitors have a very strong style or visual footprint, a signature style of their own, which they repli- cate throughout their projects. Clients come to them because they want ‘exactly that’ – I cannot work this way, I try to be true to the individuality of my clients, and this is simply a different conception of this business. What works for some, will not work for others. My firm is very much grounded into my Italian heritage. I grew up near Lake Como and I come from a family who work in the business. Since founding my consultancy about eight years ago, I have applied my Italian appreciation of style and design to a range of residential and commercial projects. My interest for novelty and trends is always counter-balanced by my roots in classical Italian design and this is the skill and the eye I like to teach to my staff. The timelessness of our work lays in this classicism, while the trendy touches will make it current. Finding the balance is a difficult craft. Best Home Stylist 2015 – UK Maurizio Pellizzoni Ltd Company: Maurizio Pellizzoni Ltd Name: Maurizio Pellizzoni Email: [email protected] Web Address: Address: 75-81 Burnaby Street, Fairbank Studio (Studio 8), London SW10 0NS Telephone: 020.7352.3887 There are many exciting changes to our firm as we look towards the future. We are currently working on several projects in London; each one of them is exciting, unique and different from each other. I have also just returned from a trip to the USA, where I went for a holiday, but also to photograph my first USA project in Portland Oregon - a stunning riverside view family home. Unfortunately we cannot disclose the images yet, but after see- ing the final selection, I can clearly say that it will be another style to add to my portfolio. I am also working on an exciting project in my hometown in Italy at the moment. So, for the next few year I will be working in the three most incredible cities in the world in my eyes: London, New York, Milan.