Build Architecture Awards

Build Architecture Awards 2015 70 Mackay + Partners llp specialise in commercial pro- jects, with their recent work on the St Swithins Wine Shippers store being a particular example of their dedication to both quality and their clients. Ken Mackay gives us an exclusive insight into the firm and how they came to such success. M+P: St Swithins Wine Shippers was a concept developed from a prototype store in Hong Kong. The concept is to offer fine wine to a wider audience and expand the inter- national wine on a glass by glass basis. The fit out reflects and enhances this tasting expe- rience. We are very proud that the project has received this prestigious award. At Mackay + Partners, we combine a keen commercial awareness with a quest for quality and design integrity. Thirty years of experience, at the forefront of contemporary design has enriched our team with the talent, skill and confidence to challenge the usual. As a small practice, we work on a variety of project types and scales and always ensure our client’s objectives are exceeded. Mackay + Partners are a progressive team and we aim to learn and evolve our ideas and knowledge through projects. In coordina- tion with our client, we examine the brief to expand the potential outcomes, pushing the boundaries of architecture and interior design to find the best solution. To each project we bring a fresh perspective and plenty of enthusiasm, because ultimately we enjoy what we do. Our firm’s overall philosophy is that all of our projects are the result of team work and that our job is to be clear communicators of our client’s image. The range and scale of our projects is varied, but our ability to challenge perceptions of design and our dedication to the needs of our clients remains our mission. In order to stay ahead in an ever evolving industry we seek innovative solutions and continually do international research into all of our work sectors. In addition, we speak at international conferences, judge sector wards and ensuring that we keep fresh and ahead of the game, in a very competitive market. Because M+P do not have a house style, we ensure that we do not repeat or mimic past projects which ensures that all of our designs are unique. We always seek to find the best original solution to a client’s brief. To achieve this, we at Mackay + Partners always work as an effective team that collaborates with other designers architects and our client’s to deliver confident and mature projects. Our firm is London based, but have interna- tional JV collaborations with offices in NYC, Milano and Sydney. This allows us to offer and work with clients on an international platform. London is the world’s leading finance and design hub, it is central to our client’s needs. Moving forward, we are keen to strengthen our current collaborations with interna- tional design houses that will allow us to continue to produce quality sustainable projects with integrity. Best Category B Fit Out - St Swithins Wine Shippers Mackay + Partners Llp Company: Mackay + Partners llp Name: Ken Mackay Email: [email protected] Web Address: Address: Florin Studios, Florin Court, 6-9 Charterhouse Square, London EC1M 6EY Telephone: 020 7608 1177