Build Architecture Awards

Build Architecture Awards 2015 69 Luxury Homes by Brentnall is a luxury home design brand which aims to provide sumptuous bespoke de- signs tailored to their client’s needs. Siobhan Pearson talks us through how the firm has come to win these two highly regarded awards. Luxury Homes by Brentnall design and build to create legacy – a home that will live through generations. With quality, innovation and precision at the forefront of our company philosophy, we aim to make the build experi- ence efficient an enjoyable for our clients. We offer custom material packages that enables us to build luxury homes cost effectively. Our suppliers have been tried and tested over 30 years to ensure we offer the very best in every design. From Geothermal technology through to energy efficient solar and water sustainabil- ity, we are aiming to create the luxury homes of tomorrow, and the generations to follow. Our philosophy is based around sustainability from a functional, cost effective and lifestyle point of view. We want our clients to have a financial, social and emotional investment in the build – whether it is for home or invest- ment purposes. Every build needs purpose and our aim is to create a space that is both functional and beautiful, fulfilling both the needs and wants of every client. In order to adapt in an ever changing industry we strive to regularly research and are constantly seeking the very best from both the team and our suppliers, who are all innovative and forward thinking in their own right. Business success is about ensuring all aspects of the supply chain are striving towards a common goal – quality, efficiency and innovation are imperative in our supply chain, right from the major suppliers down to the guy who paints the walls. People want an experience, not just a finished product. You give them a bad experience and the end product doesn’t mean a thing. Luxury Homes by Brentnall are unique in that we offer a complete service, concept to completion and we supply multimillion dollar home material packages (kit form), the larger the project the more our clients can save with our guidance. However unlike competi- tors, we customise the design to meet their functional requirements. We are able to offer luxury but by having them in a package ar- rangement, we can buy materials at a whole- sale rate, creating a cost effectively build for every client. With our team of architects, designers, Engineers, Town Planners, build- ers and suppliers and award winning Interior designers – we can offer a complete package where the process is project managed by Owner/Director Siobhan Pearson. This means the process is effective and low stress from our clients as they are dealing with a single person throughout the entire project. Ethos comes from the top and I genuinely believe that as business owners, if you set the standard, the team will follow. Management, staff and all involved need to look for guidance and feel valued and Luxury Homes by Brentnall is exactly that, a team. Every member is valued the same, no matter their contribution. Over the decades we have had the privilege of designing and supplying individual homes both here in Australia but also overseas for example in the Virgin Islands. We are Australia wide, so our region covers different demographics and different areas. For in- stance, one of our projects is in the middle of the Australian Outback on a property the size of France – the challenges we face in a region such as this are very different to say a project Best for Bespoke Luxury Homes & Award for Innovation in Contemporary Design - Australia Luxury Homes by Brentnall Company: LUXURY HOMES BY BRENTNALL Name: Siobhan Pearson Email: [email protected] Web Address: Address: 62 Boykambil Esplanade, Hope Island Queensland, Australia, 4214 Telephone: (61) 400 420 392 in the middle of Sydney. Each build is unique therefore creates a new set of challenges and opportunities, but adapting is all part of staying relevant in the industry. Meeting the challenges and learning is all part developing as a business. In the future, our communication, integrity, quality and ensuring clients remain our inspi- ration, and they are what will determine our business success. As the industry demands more, we will continue to offer more, striving to be at the forefront of innovative unique design, sustainable energy efficient luxury lifestyle sanctuaries individually crafted to exceed our clients expectations. Our clients are the reason that we won this award and we intend to endeavour to continue to provide them with the best quality designs. With over 2500 luxury builds in 30 years, our clients have shaped our success, provided us with inspiration and allowed us to creative and innovative. With every build, there is an element of trust and respect and in that process, a relationship is defined. Many of our clients have returned for a second, even third build which is testament to our quality designs, our efficient team and the suppliers we use. Winning this award really is just as much acknowledgement to everyone involved, including our loyal clientele.