Build Architecture Awards

Build Architecture Awards 2015 68 Founder Lambert Kamps discusses his firm’s unique approach to architecture and how this has contributed to their success. Lambert Kamps Art & Design is a creative studio with production facilities where ideas can be directly produced and tested. The service that we offer the most is trouble shooting, working with customers to realise their projects potential despite any obsta- cles that might be in the way. I personally enjoy this aspect of my job and see it as a challenge to work with these problems and come up with a smart and interesting and beautiful design. In my opinion, there is already a lot of stuff in this world and therefore there is no need to produce more unless it is different, smarter and overall better than what we already have. This methodology pervades throughout our work, and we do not incorporate any element into our designs unless we see a true need for it. Our firm is small, which gives us the advan- tage as we can be extremely flexible, which is beneficial to our clients. This flexibility means that it is possible for us to work fast and keep the costs low so it is possible to create an affordable custom made design. In addition, being a small firm enables us to be innovative at all levels, which is why we are enthusiast about what we create. This makes every day satisfying, even if the workload is heavy or it is not my favourite aspect of the job, being so dedicated to our work means we always enjoy whatever we are doing, which is visible to the client in the quality of the end result. Another advantage to being a small business is that I have the overall choice over key as- pects of the business, including where we are located. As such I chose to run my business in the North of Holland, the region where I was born, studied and started the company, as I feel most at home here. There are also travel advantages to living in Holland, as the country is very small so it is easy to travel across it in a day. I have no plans to move in the foreseeable future, as it is not possible to find a studio in the same price level as the one currently use, and I do not want to have to pass an increase in price on to my clients. When I first started my company I worked a lot in the field of art. I loved that aspect of my work as it gave me a lot of inspiration, which I incorporated into my design work. I studied fashion and design before attending the school of fine arts in Groningen, which exposed me to a variety of different styles and forms of art, allowing me to see that there is ultimately no constraint on what you can create, a theory which I infuse into all of my work. In the future I would like to return to my art roots and work with galleries and art exhibi- tions, as I feel that this will provide me with more inspiration, which in turn will help me to produce more innovative ideas. Best for Art & Design 2015 & Award for Innovation in Pop-Up Architecture Company: Lambert Kamps Art & Design Name: Lambert Kamps Email: [email protected] Web Address: Address: Grote Beerstraat 390 9742SM Groningen The Netherlands Telephone: 0031 648273316