Build Architecture Awards

Build Architecture Awards 2015 72 This innovative firm combine contemporary style with a sense of social responsibility to create functional and spacious architecture. The firm is run by three inde- pendent architects, Mojca Gregorski, Miha Kajzelj and Matic Laši č who give us an insight into their unique business. Our business names, MODULAR arhitekti, comes from a combination of the words “Module” and “Architecture”. It is the perfect name for our business as it describes the structure of our team and our way three independent architects from three different generations (Mojca Gregorski, Miha Kajzelj, Matic Laši č ) are connected. A module (architecture team) functions as an independent self-sufficient unit within a bigger system (project team). The diversity of our firm’s projects causes the module to have the ability to develop by reconfiguring, adding to and/or removing other units (modules). The functioning characteristics of a module - joining together standardized units to form larger complex compositions - is typical for both an architectural team and the architec- tural planning process. This unique approach to our work means we our teams can share ideas and designs whilst at the same time working efficiently on their own projects. Our work consists of realisations on different architecture scales - ranging from very small designs, houses, building complexes, land- scape projects to more complex urbanistic designs. Most of our realised works are in the field of public projects (landscape projects, educational buildings, sport halls and com- plexes, homes for elderly, castle renovations and others) and are contributing to the culture of the local communities. Besides architecture realisations we are also involved in urbanism, theory and researches; outside of modular architect Mojca Gregorski works as associate assistant professor at the Faculty for architecture, University of Ljubljana, Slovenia. Recently we were involved in many designs for educational buildings. We believe that the space (building) is, as Malaguzzi said, the “third teacher” and as a result we developed innovative functional and architectural forms of educational buildings. Spaces where children grow up influence their awareness of quality surrounding and help develop relations towards the built environment. We received several national and international awards for realised educational buildings and won WAN2013 award for Educational Future project. We are the first Slovene company to have won WAN award. As a firm we are interested in realisations of contemporary architecture in response to contextual parameters as much as their social influence. The results are based on constant search of new functional and spatial solutions. Our buildings are interweaving with the surrounding environment and not trying to dominate it. Our buildings and interventions do not occupying empty territory or take away land, but rather contribute to better living and better, nicer and more organised space. They are simple in the design but contain very complex programmes, with significant influence on the surrounding and the people in the local communities. Ultimately it is our goal to make timeless architecture, and our work is influenced by modernism which keeps our designs current but at the same time ensuring they retain their individuality. As a result, we do not strictly follow emerging trends; however, we do not shy away from using emerging materials and innovative solu- tions. Form is not an expression, but rather a result of balance between volumes, materials and colours. It is important to be honest in the detail and in the use of materials. Architectural Firm of the Year MODULAR arhitekti Company: MODULAR arhitekti Name: Mojca Gregorski, Miha Kajzelj, Matic Laši č Email: [email protected] Web Address: Address: Grudnovo nabrezje 23, 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia Telephone: 00386 41 523 333 Therefore we always ensure that our buildings are functional, friendly for users, but at the same time innovative, with higher level of cul- tural awareness and careful relation towards their surroundings. They are aesthetic and preserve harmony – maintain proportions while keeping volumes, materials and colours in balance. We always ensure we do not have unsatisfied clients, because we work as a team of which a client is always a member. Only team work, dialog and clear goal can lead to such results. We are not focused only on making of paper documentation, but rather on realised build- ing with architectural quality and a satisfied user. Each project is unique, influenced by intuition, inspired by location and context. Our work process utilizes different methods – from freehand sketching, model making and computer graphics to conversations. We believe that each project needs to go through certain process, to be shaped and developed. As a company we firmly believe that architec- ture is the way of life and not just a job. It is every architect’s responsibility to help shaping the cities and other public places which will ultimately make an integral difference to the life in these spaces. We are privileged to create buildings, spaces and places that influence people’s lives. Whilst we feel that the biggest awards are happy and satisfied users/clients, professional awards confirm our professional skills and mark our position among other architects at home and abroad, which is why we were honoured to receive such a prestigious title.