2020 Recycling & Waste Management Awards

Recycling & Waste Management Awards 2020 BUILD 7 Best International Scrap Metal Recycling Company - Central Europe Oct20205 xpertise, reliability, perseverance, and hard work – these are the basics of achieving success in the competitive world of scrap metal trading in Central and Eastern Europe. And this is exactly what Central European Scrap Trading Ltd (CEST) has been offering for both sellers and buyers since its inception in 2018. Though the company itself is relatively new, its experts have around five decades of total experience in the scrap field. No wonder that over the last two years, CEST has grown to be an integral part of the scrap metal business in both domestic and international trade, working with over 30 major suppliers. They purchase and process all grades of ferrous, WEEE and non- ferrous metals for placement into steel mills, smelters, refiners, and end-consumers around the world. “Part of our success lies in the fact that our operations differ from classic scrap metal companies. Most sellers turn to us directly when they need special expertise. Our know-how is information”, says sales and business development director, Emil Svendor. In such a competitive industry, CEST distinguishes itself by delivering a very personal service and living up to its responsibility to the environment. Its main goal is to decrease the number of steps it takes for scrap materials to reach their final destination, causing less environmental damage and higher cost effectiveness for all parties. In this, the firm has always been committed to creating a safe and eco-friendly atmosphere, and they also want to ensure that their clients recycle their products in a manner that benefits both them and the environment. Emil Svendor and his business partner, chief executive officer Roland Dajka, also pride themselves on representing the interests of both the seller and the buyer. “We take the satisfaction of all our clients very seriously. When we get a call of an existing shipment, we immediately start looking for possible buyers, connecting supply and demand. It is also imperative that we personally attend to every business. Shipment to other parts of the world may take as long as 40 days, so we must make sure our sellers can fully rely on us from start to finish. Not only do we make sure everything complies with the law, but we also represent the interests of every actor”, adds Emil Svendor. The company currently employs six people and does not own a scrap yard, significantly reducing the costs of operation and most importantly, environmental damage. All their experts are masters in both domestic and international scrap trade, ensuring fast payment and regulatory compliance. Speed is also vital to ensure sellers and buyers get the best value for their money. But all this would not be enough without the most valuable asset of the company: reliability. Keeping their word is key in a market where trading is often done in a matter of seconds while ensuring first class service that is both environmentally friendly and fully compliant with the law. Many of the company’s clients praise them for their well-established partnerships, expertise, and international connections. The latter will also be essential in the next chapter of the company’s future: regional expansion. “We have a set plan to completely cover the Hungarian market by the summer of 2021, finalizing the list of partners that we want to work together with. Our next step will be operating in neighbouring Central and Eastern European countries.” Though Hungary has one of the strictest legislations of scrap trading in the world, expansion will pose new challenges, because every country needs different permits and has special regulations. Complying to them will take time, but CEST believe the best plan is to take it slow and reach out to one country at a time. The company also plans to hire new employees and find new partners, while continuing to innovate, develop and make the best of their plans for the future. The coronavirus pandemic has also posed never before seen challenges, barely one and a half years after the company started its operations. Fortunately for them, scrap metal trading around the world was not so harshly hit as some other businesses. “Scrap metal has always been and will always be around. During the first wave of the virus, many companies ceased operations and produced less scrap, but the second half oy the year compensated for it. Borders closures in the area were also a challenge but our problems were short lived, as transporting goods has been made exempt from strict regulation”, says Emil Svendor. During the long months of Covid-19, trust has also become more valuable. Since international travel is no longer possible, many buyers do not have the possibility to check their shipments personally. Traditional partnerships and networking are thus more important than ever. Looking to the future, the company is confident that they will continue to offer their clients the level of service they have come to rely on, both domestically and internationally. With regional expansion in sight, their main goal to remain committed to excellence, while continuing to grow for the benefit of not only their clients, but that of the environment as well. E Central European Scrap Trading Ltd

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