2020 Recycling & Waste Management Awards

8 BUILD Recycling & Waste Management Awards 2020 Sep20697 ince the beginning, yoReciclo’s main objective has been to educate, promote and be part of the recycling chain in Mexico, seeking to conserve natural resources, energy and generate a positive impact on the environment. To start, Héctor provides us with a brief overview of the firm and offers more insight into its typical client base. “yoReciclo, part of a Grupo HALE, provides integrated industrial waste management services for the special handling of solid, semi-solid and liquid materials. “From collection and classification in our collection center, to special treatment and recycling, to finished products with full traceability of all secondary raw materials, we can certify our stakeholders with Circular Economy compliance.” As a pioneering organisation in the waste management industry, yoReciclo is constantly striving for perfection to differentiate itself from its competitors as Héctor goes on to explain. “To be a “One Stop Shop” for Circular Economy is something new that has put our group in a different position to our closest competition. Moreover, many of our competitors are mainly focused on one of the several processes involved which we already control and are able to offer to our customers or environmental partners, as we call them. “Starting from the integrated waste management, through statistical information with environmental impact reports to finished products made out of the different material we receive, we believe our services offer the client a unique selling point, unseen elsewhere.” Like many others across North America, the waste management industry has been largely affected by COVID-19. However, rather than a hindrance, the pandemic has aided yoReciclo somewhat as Héctor points out. “COVID-19 had an impact in our operations and lives for sure. Nevertheless, it definitely helped us as a group to reinforce our belief , the conviction that we are walking the right path. Creating a conscience that we must deliver a better planet to Best Industrial Waste Management Solutions Provider & Excellence Award in Circular Economy Compliance - North America Founded in 2009, yoReciclo is a leading provider of industrial waste management and marketing solutions across North America. Following on from their success in the Recycling & Waste Management Awards 2020, we got in touch with Héctor Elizondo to find out more. S generations that follow, is the right path. Transforming the economy from linear to circular is how. And it has to be the way forward.” If we take a closer look at yoReciclo internal culture, every new team member must be able to demonstrate a number of key qualities to fit into the company, as Héctor explains further. “As a whole, we strongly believe that we, as a group, are “at the service of the Earth and its Creator”, not the other way round. Innovation, trust, commitment, excellence, moral values and security is what we are committed to, we offer, and we generally look for in people.” Finally, Héctor commented on the future of yoReciclo and offered more insight into some of the firm’s activities heading forward. “At the moment we are in a very interesting phase as, despite the trend, we are growing and growing fast. Over the past two years, we have prepared ourselves to be ready for where we are today and ready for where we need to be. “With a great team of professionals who are passionate about what we do and are not afraid to go for the next phase, we are currently in a good place. The next step is to build a Circular Economy Industrial Park, where all processes to comply with Circular Economy will be under the same roof. “As regulations in our country are not in full force and are not yet well developed, we, as a group, adhere to international rules and regulations that apply specifically to Circular Economy. Looking ahead, we are working on a certification that can apply to whoever is willing to be part of this new vision of environmental care, such as Circular Economy.” Contact: Héctor Elizondo Web: www.yoreciclo.com.mx yoReciclo

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