2020 Recycling & Waste Management Awards

BUILD Recycling & Waste Management Awards 2020 6 IMIC specialises in the design and manufacture of automatic and self-cleaning screen changers for plastic recycling. Its filters are one-of-a-kind and the firm is a supporter of Italian craftsmanship. Such a production philosophy grants a superior quality level and thus an excellent end product, as Erica Canaia begins by going into a little more detail. “The fact that more than 700 Clients worldwide have chosen FIMIC as their machinery supplier makes us very proud,” she begins. “This is simply the result of the industry’s acknowledgement that FIMIC is backing up its targets, promises and data, with true facts. “Our long-term experience in melt filtration and in cutting bulky parts, applied to almost all materials and to almost all industry requirements, makes our company able to provide real answers and solutions. “This, in connection to technologies every operator can use, and extremely low operational costs in all our machinery, makes FIMIC the best technology provider in melt filtration for plastic recycling.” The plastic recycling industry is facing a rollercoaster future. The pressure on brand owners and large corporations (as well as SMEs) to reduce their plastic consumption and increase the use of recycled plastics in their products has accelerated the need for high-quality machinery. At the same time, many of these companies have switched to using virgin materials as a consequence of the price drop that has struck the oil markets, thus decreasing the use of recyclates. “Starting from 2030, all plastic products will need by law to contain at least 30% recycled content, so the way ahead is pretty clear,” explains Erica, as she sheds a little light onto the current situation. “Plastic waste is and will be more and more contaminated. To reprocess contaminated waste, it’s necessary to go for high- quality and high-efficiency machinery, and use inexpensive spare parts to reduce the operational costs to a minimum and be as flexible as possible. That’s the way FIMIC machinery operates and that’s one of the many reasons why FIMIC has grown so much over the last few years. Best Continuous Melt Filtration Technology 2020 Family-owned FIMIC was founded in 1963 and has been dedicated to the manufacture of melt filtration ever since. Recently, we caught up with Sales & Marketing Director, Erica Canaia, to find out more about the company and the goals the team aim to achieve. F Sep20670 “FIMIC was amongst the very first machinery suppliers to adopt solutions for remote start-up (remote assistance, use of AR to assist operators, explanatory and training videos in different languages) of FIMIC melt filters, thus letting all our customers start to work efficiently without the need of FIMIC technicians being physically on site. This was very appreciated by all FIMIC clients and it is the reason we are different to competitors.” Innovation is an integral part of FIMIC’s philosophy and is applied to both existing technologies as well as to new developments. “Recycling is in our blood, in connection with finding simple but efficient solutions to solve problems and make life easier for our Clients,” Erica continues. “Soon we’ll open two new facilities next to the existing one in order to have more space for production as well as implementing new offices. In our forecasts, this will make it possible to optimize our production schedules and therefore speed up production by up to 25-30% faster, while still manufacturing customized machines for every client’s project, being FIMIC machines entirely made-in-FIMIC. “Thanks to the numbers we have achieved in sales, and in order to continuously improve our service as well as spare parts delivery and assistance to our Clients, we decided to heavily invest in new equipment and to get our own laser-drilling machine to be used for our laser screens. “This will make it possible to respond even faster to our Client’s requirements, as well as to be fully independent in case of eventual pandemic lockdowns which might happen in the near future.” Contact: Ms. Erica Canaia - Sales & Marketing Director Company: FIMIC SRL Email: [email protected] LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/company/fimic-srl Web Address: www.fimic.it

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