Build Facilities Management Awards 2016

2016 Facilities Management Awards Build 29 arbon Numbers delivers these solutions across a number of sectors, from prestigious corporate offices, hospitals, univer- sities, and schools in central London and the south-east, to your normal office and education environments. Neil believes that the key to Carbon Numbers’ operation and high standards is client engagement, as the firm works in a very open and transparent manner, and share the financial risk, either through funding projects or by putting their fee at risk against KPIs. “We take true risk and will stand behind all savings. We don’t just appraise technology; we believe that through better engineering and innovation, we can drive a building’s performance to higher levels of comfort and savings. In the UK, FM is about both consolidating and finding new areas. Our overall mission is to aid businesses and those in the public sector to manage, minimise and control their building’s energy usage - put simply, we provide building intelligence. We do this by employing market leading experts, being able to fund projects at our risk on savings and deliver through our own internal system, Click Energy. We are launching a world class bureau, which will remotely monitor, diagnose and proactively resolve building issues and managing performance of facilities live and dynamically.” “Technology is at the heart of all we do, as we are a data driven and focused organisation. We use meter, weather, occupancy and best practice data modelled through our software and supported by our analysts to ensure that we send out those with the right skills at the right time. We work in an ever evolving industry, with technology now the brains of a building. Our engi- neers can help any client achieve amazing things. We can make buildings provide better working conditions, which in turn improves employee welfare alongside reducing costs and minimising the environmental impact.” “We are delighted to have won the award, and we are really pleased to have been recognised for trying to educate and open up a new market and ways of making buildings smarter and better utilising the resources they have available. Our success is down to the willingness of our clients to buy into our approach and our excellent staff who deliver the projects.” Best Energy Reduction Consultants 2016 - UK Carbon Numbers delivers data led energy solutions based on modelling building consumption, reviewing interventions and designing schemes that improve both the comfort and control in buildings, and reduces en- ergy consumption and the associated utility bills by up to 60%. We spoke with Neil Fright, who told us about how technology is driving his business forward. C FM160022 Company: Carbon Numbers Name: Neil Fright Email: [email protected] Web Address: Address: No 8 Lanswood Business Park, Elmstead Market, Essex CO7 7FD