Build Facilities Management Awards 2016

Build 2016 Facilities Management Awards 28 PV provides a multitude of services ranging from basic trolley services and the provision of hand car wash solutions, to their mist spray environmentally friendly solution, and their bespoke built full valet jet wash station, which uses rain harvested water and a recycling plant. Andrew explains that the firm now manage and oper- ate franchise car wash services across the UK, and believe that they provide two key benefits in doing so. “We believe one of the key benefits offered by our service is that we allow the supermarkets and shopping centres that operate as our landlords to provide an extra service to their customers. In doing so, this increases their customer loyalty. Benefit two is that, from a financial perspective, the landlord achieves a net rental income that has no financial risk or cost asso- ciated with it. We help to build the volume of income lines for the firm, which increases the profitability of each location. “CPV’s service offering also offers advantages that cannot be found else- where in the industry. We have developed a recycling plant solution that is recognised and appreciated by our clients, which is enabling us to collec- tively reduce the water consumption requirements of the business, and as such, makes us more environmentally friendly. We also believe in transpar- ency in all of our dealings, whether these are with the landlord, franchisee or the operatives who work for the firm. This ensures clear communication and understanding that helps create the CPV Franchise Family, and which guarantees that we all have one aim; to deliver first class customer service at all times. “Our internal culture is one of openness, respect and autonomy. We teach and ask our teams to make their own decisions, and in doing so, drive the business forward successfully each day. In ensuring respect in all of our dealings, we consider all aspects of our business decision making and how it affects others. Our overall mission is to self-regulate the industry, and ensure that our business leads the way in compliance on health and safety, custom- er service, operating standards and employment compliance.” We asked Andrew about challenges that are currently facing his industry, and how he expects Car Park Valeting Limited to adapt around these. “The challenges we are seeing in the industry currently are a result of the need to ensure that minimum wage structures are correct and in place and difficulties relating to competition from illegal operators that are allowed to grow with lack of compliance or policing from water authorities and environmental bodies. CPV continues to lead the way in compliance and looks towards the councils, water authorities, and environmental bodies to ensure that when a car wash operator establishes itself in a town or region, all operational compliance issues are addressed and authorised. “As the business has grown, technology has become an increasingly key component of our business. We use the unique NSL Keesing software ser- vice on mobile phone and iPad tablets to assess operatives and ensure that each worker complies with the UK Right to Work regulations. By using this service, which is recognised by bodies such as the Police Force and various Immigration Agencies, we go above and beyond when it comes to checking validity of personnel, as per the terms of the Asylum and Immigration Act 2006. We also use our own dedicated software as a model audit document, so that our Regional Business Managers can audit and assess the success of each site.” As Andrew considers the future of the industry, he sees more sites becoming business type hubs, whereby you will be able to wash your car, have your tyres and batteries fixed and enjoy a coffee or shop while you wait. “I entirely believe that the convenience we bring to the customer, matched with our excellent customer service is the key to our future success. Super- markets like ASDA, Sainsbury’s and Waitrose have established that their customers want additional services when they shop, and the fact they can have their cars washed while shopping is a bonus many wish to utilise. “Our operational base now covers England and Wales, and we have a strong client base appetite for new sites. Due to this, we expect to open at least 50 new sites per year. Provided that we continue to learn to develop, train and embrace change, we believe we will be at the forefront of the car wash industry for many years to come. The additional support offered by our sole chemical supplier, Nielsen Chemicals, adds the extra advantage for us, as we know that we can have confidence in every product used across our sites, secure in the knowledge that they are safe and bio-degradable.” Car Park Valeting Ltd Best National Car Wash Franchise 2016 Car Park Valeting Limited (CPV) is recognised as one of the UK’s leading hand car wash franchise networks, with a client base which includes the likes of Waitrose, Asda and Sainsbury’s. The company has doubled in size within the last year, and now manages over 118 sites across the UK; Andrew Butler was keen to tell us more. C FM160014 Company: Car Park Valeting Limited Name: Andrew Butler Email: [email protected] Web address: Address: Manor Farm Business Park, Shingay cum Wendy, SG8 0HW Telephone: 01223 206050