Build Magazine December 2015

Build Magazine 62 What does your business do? Designing and producing products in the field of product design, art and small, mostly temporarily architecture. Who are your clients? It can be everyone, companies, private persons, art collectors, governmental organi- sations, and art, architecture or design foun- dations. Because I work on more disciplines I also have very divers customers. What makes you unique? Unique is a difficult word, I think that different is better. Besides developing a concept and designing, my company also produces the products. So everything is in one hand, customers like that. What’s your biggest challenge facing you at present? My biggest challenge is what to do next, there are two ideas. First is going on with this company and bring it to a higher level. The other I like to do is going back to school for a master title. I think that it would be very nice to concentrate for two years on ideas and personal develop- ment. Call it a midcareer break. What’s the aim for your business? The aim is to bring every project to a good result. A result that makes me proud and gives the feeling that a new child is born. What’s your company’s biggest challenge? Making a living in the creative sector is not easy, one year is good, the other is better, but the next one can be very diffi- cult, so balancing the income is important to have less stress and more focus. Keeping creativity on a high level, it’s very easy to keep on working and forget about that. Before you know everything that made it special is gone. The last thing is finding good clients who are able to spend a bit more money for a special unique product. What business/business person do you most admire and why? There is no business person that I ad- mire; business for me is a basic element to do what I want to do in my life. I need money to create my ideas, for that I need clients so I can earn it. The circle closes when those clients want to buy what I design and produce. Name: Lambert Kamps Company: Lambert Kamps Art & Design Email: [email protected] Web Address: Address: Grote Beerstraat 390 9742SM Groningen The Netherlands Telephone: 0031-648273316 Lambert Kamps