Build Magazine December 2015

Build Magazine 63 What work does your firm undertake? We are architects but we prefer to think of ourselves as problem-solvers, dreamers, investigators, and visionaries. We are here to create buildings that will contribute to commu- nities and foster the local economy. Who are do you undertake this work on behalf of? It’s long been our goal to service a wide range of clients and project scopes. Currently, our client list is largely comprised of development firms from student housing, senior living, and multi-family sectors; hospitality groups from the hotel, dining, and nightclub sectors; and luxury retailers. What makes your approach unique? Our designers are motivated by the catalyst that innovative architecture with a purpose can pervade the structures we inhabit to transform our attitudes and shape our relation- ships. From technology advances in design software and building products, to inventing new means and methods for standard design deliverables, our team is relentless in the pursuit of innovation. What is the biggest challenge facing you at present? In the U.S. it’s an arduous process to win work in a sector where a firm has limited or no past experience. Overcoming the idea that experience with design of the same building type is superior to choosing a firm based on their creative capabilities and approaches is a challenge my firm routinely faces when breaking into a new sector. What’s the aim for your business? Our aim is to operate on the idea that whatever the question, design is the answer. We begin every project with a reflection on the client’s needs and aspirations. This creative discussion is a collaborative effort, and an essential part of our design approach. Tell us about your company’s biggest challenge currently? Our corporate culture embraces change and the idea that we should never stop learning. This challenging cultural approach requires that we work through unexpected outcomes and thrive. By fostering a culture that encourages bid ideas and calculated risks, we work with purpose and discover innovative ideas that exceed expectations. Who in your industry and beyond do you admire the most and why? I feel confident my entire team would agree that we admire most the men and women who physically build the projects we design. True heroes in our eyes, they apply craftsmanship and skill to turn one- and two-dimensional architectural representa- tions into three-dimensional experiences. Name: John Myefski Company: Myefski Architects, Inc. Email: [email protected] Web Address: Address: 630 Davis Street, 5th Floor, Evanston, IL 60201, USA Telephone: 847.440.8294 60 Seconds