Home Builder Awards 2017

Build Home Builder Awards 2017 16 entury Roofing is a family-run business, with 3 generations currently operating in ownership. The firm’s staff boast a wealth of experience within the industry, and Rick is incredibly proud of them. “We are successful due to our staff, consisting of our management team, project managers, exterior supervisors and support staff. Our Project Managers ensure that all of our crew members follow procedure, company policies and safety protocols to ensure that work is completed in a timely manner and at a competitive rate, with the result being a satisfied customer. “To further optimise our business processes, we use satellite imaging, work flow spreadsheets, and estimating programs complete with vendor web portals. Our Calgary roofing contractors believe you should get what you pay for, and that you shouldn’t have to call another roofer to fix the mistakes made by a previous roofing contractor; you should be able to rely on your contractor. We continue to excel at instilling this confidence into our customers. “As a firm, we have completed projects throughout Central and Southern Alberta and Eastern British Columbia. One of our most recent projects has been at Regal Park, a multi condo project. In this instance, we were presented with 72 buildings that needed to be re-sided and provided with eavestroughing. This presented us with various challenges, such as dealing with unit owners, parking difficulties, problem weather and working with the condo board. We also had to work effectively with an engineering consultant and act to solve all issues that were presented to us right away; whilst this was a challenge, but we were able to rise to it. “We have built solid relationships with our subcontractors and employees and we have established a reputation for integrity and commitment within the insurance community, earning a ‘preferred contractor’ designation which we are very proud of. We are backed by over 30 years’ experience and three generations of expertise. We take pride in providing exceptional service, coupled with honesty, integrity and loyalty to all our clients.” Best Roofing Construction Company - Alberta Century Roofing is a roofing and exterior/siding contractor that is based in Calgary, Alberta. With more than 37 years of experience in the industry, Rick Myers, Owner and General Manager is experienced in all aspects of roofing, and was happy to tell us more about why he believes the firm has enjoyed success. C HB170014 Company: Century Roofing LTD. Name: Rick Myers Email: [email protected] Web Address: www.centuryroofing.ca Address: 4204 10 Street NE, Calgary, Alberta Telephone: (403) 235-5457

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