Home Builder Awards 2017

Home Builder Awards 2017 Build 15 he overall mission of Birmingham Drain Services is to provide their customers with as much value and expertise as they can, guiding them through every part of a job as they progress towards a permanent solution to their drainage related issues, providing them with any support and reassurance they require along the way. Tony believes that the firm are successful in this by remaining personable, approachable and affordable and continually investing in training and equipment to ensure a successful end result. “Every job that we receive is always treated as a high priority job. Our dedicated scheduling team use their experience to triage a job on contact with the customer. A recent example of a stand out case is an order that was sent over as a non-emergency response, and was to be handled under normal time scales. On contacting the customer, it was revealed to us that they were elderly and had been without toilet facilities for over 48 hours and were manually disposing of their foul waste. We were able to prioritise the job, which resulted in us attending site and restoring their facilities within 90 minutes of receiving the works order from the client. “We believe that it is crucial to always provide excellent customer support throughout each individual job cycle, from start to finish. Our team believe in treating each customer as an individual regardless of the size of the job. Our key focus initially is to protect our working environment and ensure that the general public’s safety is always guaranteed. As a firm, we have continued our annual membership with a number of health and safety bodies, and have gained our full ISO Accreditation within the last year. “Our client base varies from private home owners needing a quick, effective and affordable resolution to a drainage issue that can sometimes be distressing and disruptive, through to large blue chip companies requesting our assistance in surveying large diameter pipework, Utility and Topographical surveys, large site cleaning/cleansing and also drainage repairs. Our company is constantly adapting to our ever evolving industry, we have recently relocated our operations, reporting, finance and excavation departments to a custom built premises which is close to our suppliers and major motorway links.” Best Drainage Maintenance Company - Midlands Birmingham Drain Services Ltd is a modern, family run drainage and plumbing business, offering affordable and effective drainage services and solutions nationwide. The firm has steadily grown over the past eight years and has always ensured company health and safety is at the forefront of their business. We spoke to Tony Buchanan about the mission of the firm and how he ensures that the work they complete is kept at the highest possible standard. T FM160003 Company: Birmingham Drain Services Ltd Name: Tony Buchanan Email: [email protected] Web Address: www.birminghamdrainservices.co.uk Address: Unit 1, 1161 Chester Road, Birmingham, B24 0QY Telephone: 0121 270 2568

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