Home Builder Awards 2017

Build Home Builder Awards 2017 10 HB170003 Best Eco-Friendly Paving Solutions Provider – North England KBI Flexipave is a unique porous paving material that is hard but flexible. The material is the perfect way to meet SuDS requirements and rethink the way that rainwater is managed around properties. By eliminating standing water and attenuating run- off into sub-surface areas, Flexipave promotes the natural replenishment of aquifers and reduces the strain on storm-water drainage. Created in Florida, USA almost 20 years ago, Flexipave is now a trusted material within UK local authorities, construction companies, architects, arborists, and hundreds of homeowners. What is Flexipave? KBI UK Ltd 01422 242880 www.kbiuk.co.uk [email protected] @KBIUKLTD Search KBI Flexipave

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