Home Builder Awards 2017

Home Builder Awards 2017 Build 11 KR’s aim is to provide all its client with accurate RICS compliant floor plans and ft² calculations. In order to achieve this, they regularly liaise with both the RICS and Trading Standards, thus ensuring that they are up-to-date with their current thinking and guidelines. Additionally, the liaison with Trading Standards ensures that BKR comply with the various relevant estate agents’ acts, so that any information they supply is not misleading. The firm’s portfolio of work includes residential floorplans, commercial floorplans, due-diligence, commercial EPCs, portfolio and management plans, collective enfranchisement plans, residential leaseplans, commercial leaseplans, elevations, residential EPCs, arbitration, planning applications, lettings floorplans, hotel plans, cinema plans, sections, sq. ft. arbitration, land transfer plans, and boundary changes plans. Recently, a major UK house builder built and sold 200 units off-plan in central London. They then commissioned BKR to measure all the units, in order to verify that the ft² on the built units matched those quoted on their brochure, thereby ensuring that they had accurately stated the ft² of each flat. This in turn meant that the selling price GBP/ft² was accurate and that no renegotiation with the purchaser was required; BKR verified that all properties were built to the ft² stated in the brochure. BKR has also recently worked on a portfolio of 270 residential properties, spread throughout East Anglia. Throughout this process, BKR had to contact each tenant to arrange access within a specific timescale, which in turn meant that trying to coordinate appointments in the same locality was challenging; despite this, BKR completed the work to budget and on time. The firm are based in London, although they work nationwide. Specifically, the London new homes market is having to adapt to challenging market conditions; part of this challenge is some off-plan buyers are looking at possible reasons to withdraw from their purchase, which is one of the reasons contractors are carrying out due-diligence on the built units. Everyone involved at BKR understands that communication is the key to any successful project. It is important for the team to understand the client’s Best Residential Floorplan Company - UK BKR are a nationwide company providing residential and commercial floorplans and Leaseplans to the country’s leading property companies. However, BKR provide much more than just floorplans; during their 16 years in business, BKR have gone from producing simple floorplans for estate agents to drawing architectural plans, EPCs and providing expert witness statements in complex legal cases. If a query is property related, BKR will be able to help. B HB170009 Company: BKR Floorplans Email: [email protected] Web Address: www.bkrfloorplans.co.uk/index.html Address: Sunnyhill House, 3-7 Sunnyhill Road, London, SW16 2UG Telephone: 0345 257 2023 requirements, and that they remain in constant contact so as to keep them appraised of the progress of the project. It makes little difference if this is on a single unit or a portfolio of hundreds of units. With all their experience BKR have drawn pretty much everything there is to draw; from studio flats, Napoleonic forts in the Solent, the Lillishall National Sports Centre, to blocks of student accommodation and portfolios for the country’s largest residential property companies. This experience is invaluable to the firm when dealing with clients, as it affords them the prior knowledge to assist with a wide array of queries or any problems that may arise. BKR’s aim on each and every project is to ensure total professionalism in their product offering, and want to give clients total trust in the integrity of their plans and the accuracy of their ft² calculations. Looking to the future, all involved at BKR acknowledge that there are a number of legislative and regulatory changes on the horizon, but they hope to retain a competitive advantage by keeping ahead of these and the impact that they will inevitably have on the industry. BKR are also continually replacing their measuring devices and their methodology to keep pace with new technology, which is helping to retain their competitive advantage in the market. The firm are very positive about their prospects post-Brexit; the housing market in the UK still needs to expand, and BKR have a positive vision of their role within this expansion.

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