Home Builder Awards 2017

Home Builder Awards 2017 Build 9 stablished in 1988, Howarth Homes is a West London based developer specialising in delivering well priced, great value homes in superb locations, always close to exceptional transport links. Many of the companies buyers have small to medium sized portfolios as Howarth Home’s product is typically an excellent investment due to the firm’s focus on excellence, as Linzie emphasises. “Here at Howarth Homes, we have an eye for detail and are fanatical about delivering a product of the highest calibre, which is why every step of the process is personally overseen by our CEO and the senior management team. We view our purchasers as investment partners and sell, quite often, from plan and allow our buyers to sell on contracts. We believe that we are unique in this Best Residential Builder & Developer - UK Drawing on over 30 years’ experience in the property sector, Howarth Homes has an enviable reputation for constructing a broad range of high quality properties - each built to exceptional standards which are thoughtfully and creatively designed to present a contemporary, stylish specification and finish. We invited Linzie Howland to tell us more. E HB170006 Company: Howarth Homes Name: Linzie Howland Email: [email protected] Web Address: www.howarthhomes.co.uk Address: 54 Oxford Road, Uxbridge, UB9 4DN Telephone: 01895 454 888 approach and this probably explains why people buy from us time and time again.” Moving forward, Linzie believes that the firm’s ongoing success will be rooted in its continued focus on excellence. “Looking ahead, we intend to continue with the approach which has bought us success since our inception. We believe we have secured a strong position in our regional market with a strong and healthy reputation, and therefore we just want to grow and continue to expand but not lose sight of our MO; to deliver a great product and a good price, well positioned with superb transport links.”

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