Are you fond of gardening but hate to see your efforts go to waste because of the uncertain weather conditions? You have heard about greenhouses, but do not take a step in this direction as a traditional greenhouse takes up a lot of space and also time and effort to erect and get going. How about a lean-to greenhouse, a brilliant innovation that has caught the imagination of the homeowners around the country these days? A lean-to greenhouse is a wonderful idea for homeowners who are short on space and also short on budget. Let us find out if it is ideal to invest in this structure called lean-to greenhouse or not.

What Is A Lean-To Greenhouse?

As the name suggests, a lean-to greenhouse is a greenhouse that leans against a wall. It also means that it has three walls, and you have one less wall to erect for your greenhouse. There are many compelling reasons to consider lean-to greenhouse as an option. Your house is a good candidate for such a greenhouse if the condition of the wall is sound, and it receives lots of sunshine throughout the day. A lean-to greenhouse has a canopy-like roof sloping downwards with all three walls made of glass. Such a glass structure is fantastic for you if you are short on space and want more from the gardening season with the effort you put in.


It Takes Up Very Little Space

When you inquire from companies about the installation of a greenhouse in your property, the first thing they ask is how much space is available in your property? As a lean-to greenhouse is leaning against a wall, it takes up very little space in comparison to independent greenhouses. It is ideal to have a working greenhouse on your property without wasting the invaluable green space of the garden. Lean-to greenhouses come in different shapes and sizes to make the best use of the available space against a wall in your property. You can also order a customized lean-to greenhouse that suits your requirements. If limited space is the most important reason why you have resisted the temptation of a greenhouse so far, a lean-to greenhouse is a wonderful option for you.


It Provides Excellent Temperature Control

If you are not able to grow hardy vegetables and fruits in your garden because of harsh weather conditions, a lean-to greenhouse is a fantastic solution for you. It maintains a more consistent temperature for the plants throughout the year. The brick wall absorbs the heat of the sun during the daytime and releases this energy to the plants during the night. The brick wall works as a heat sink and keeps on releasing the absorbed heat gradually once the sun sets in. It means there is no sudden drop of temperature in your greenhouse to damage the plants. This brick wall saves the expenses incurred on double glazing or heater to keep the temperatures from dipping severely during the winter season.


It Saves Your Hard Earned Money

When you opt for a lean-to greenhouse, you automatically save your money as it makes use of only 3 walls while the 4th wall is already there on your property. You are putting your money on 3 walls of the greenhouse only in the case of a lean-to greenhouse. Also, maximum support to the greenhouse is provided by your wall. It means that the structure of the lean-to greenhouse can be lighter than an independent greenhouse.


Lean-To Greenhouse Is Weatherproof

If you feel frustrated because of the unpredictability of nature, a lean-to greenhouse is a perfect way to fulfill your passion for gardening in your home. Your precious plants remain protected in a safe environment as they are not exposed to harsh weather conditions. One side of the greenhouse is made up of a wall of your house to prevent complete exposure to the elements. No matter how the weather is playing tricks, you can rest assured of a consistent temperature and ambient growing conditions for your plants and herbs inside a lean-to greenhouse.


These Structures Fit Easily In Homes And Apartments

Because of their small size and shape options, lean-to greenhouses fit in every space allotted to them. Whether you have a little space on the balcony of your apartment or the backyard, you will find that there is a perfect lean-to greenhouse ready for installation in your home. These versatile structures can need against any solid wall or even fencing if it is sturdy. You will be surprised to see so many shapes and sizes of lean-to-greenhouses available in the market. In case, you do not find a model that will fit in the space available in your home, you can always ask for a customized lean-to greenhouse from the manufacturer.


Lean-To Greenhouses Are Easy To Install

Lean-to greenhouses are very easy to install. It is a big advantage working in favor of these lightweight structures as most homeowners find the installation process of a greenhouse very cumbersome. The only requirement for setting up a lean-to greenhouse is a solid wall. The entire structure including the shelves can be easily fixed if the condition of the wall is sound. The first thing that attracts homeowners about lean-to-greenhouses is their low price and the ease with which they can be installed against a wall.

Taking care of your precious plants becomes easy when you go for a lean-to-greenhouse. As it is situated against a wall of the house, you don’t need to walk a long distance in freezing temperatures during the winter season to get inside the greenhouse. You can fulfill your longstanding dream of growing hardy fruits and vegetables on your property. These structures made of glass also enhance the appeal of your property. There are available lots of interesting designs of these lean-to-greenhouses, and you are free to choose the style that matches the existing architecture of your home. Carry out gardening activities sipping a cup of hot coffee as a lean-to greenhouse makes gardening a very relaxing activity for you.